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Duchess Meghan opens up about what pregnancy feels like

It's such a clever analogy!

Ask any woman you know who has experienced pregnancy to describe it, and it's likely that no two answers will be exactly the same.
It's a unique and individual experience for each of us, and it seems our royal guest is no exception to that rule.
While there is no doubt that Duchess Meghan has her 'glow' on, it seems that what she's actually feeling is quite the opposite of how incredible she looks.
Sitting in an 'Anti Bad Vibe Circle' on the beach, Meghan took the time to explain how pregnancy felt for her. (Image: Getty Images)
When speaking with royal tour guests at Bondi Beach in Sydney on Friday, the mum-to-be used a unique analogy of her own to describe how she'd been feeling in the first few months of this pregnancy that has delighted the world.
Meghan said it's "like having jet lag without actually travelling".
That's not stopping her nail this Royal Tour though. On top of touring while giving her whole self over to the meet and greet commitments, and bewitching our nation with her charm and grace, Meghan is also managing a little self-care with 4:30am yoga sessions.
Duchess Meghan is nailing this tour, and it could be thanks to her secret weapon … yoga! (Image: Getty Images)
Duchess Meghan, whose 'free-spirit' mum Doria Ragland is a yoga instructor, told well-wishers at Bondi that she is squeezing it in the packed 16-day Royal Tour because it's "so good for healing your mind".
That probably explains how she's managing all of these engagements in such an enigmatic way while in the early stages the much-watched pregnancy, first announced to the world on the tour earlier in the week.
Before becoming a member of the royal family, the Duchess was very open about how much she loves yoga, having grown up with and regularly writing about it's benefits on her now defunct lifestyle blog The Tig.
Meghan's mum, Doria is a yoga instructor who inspired a love of the practice in her daughter.
Thousands had turned out to see the royal couple on the beach on Friday morning, with many having staked out their spots from as early as 3am.
During their visit to the beach, both Meghan and Harry took part in an 'anti-bad-vibes-circle' with a local community group.
Founded by Grant Trebilco, a keen surfer with bipolar disorder, OneWave a surfing community which works to raise awareness for mental health and well-being in a fun and engaging way.
Harry, who has spoken often about mental health, told the group, "Each and every one of us will experience poor mental health, it doesn't discriminate."
The couple participated in a 'Fluro Friday' session with a Bondi community group in Bondi on Friday. (Image: Getty Images)
The couple have another busy day ahead, with Harry set to climb the Harbour Bridge. Once at the top, he will raise the Invictus flag to mark the arrival of the Invictus Games to Sydney, an event we are all looking forward to.
We can't wait to hear more about Meghan's thoughts on pregnancy too!

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