British Royal Family

The irrational challenge both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are currently struggling with

The Duchesses have more important things to focus on.

By Jess Pullar
Ever since Meghan Markle joined the British royal firm, the world couldn't help but compare the former Hollywood actress to the primped and professional Kate Middleton.
Indeed while Meghan was undeniably all class, the British royals take things to a new level, and many were scathing as to how the Suits actress would tackle things.
But what the world didn't think about was how much pressure this was putting on Meghan, and a new report has revealed just how much of a toll it took.
According to a new report from PEOPLE, Meghan and Kate are completely aware that they are being pitted against each other, and they're both finding it "challenging".
"Meghan has her life, Kate has hers," a source told the publication.
They added that Meghan is well aware that both of their roles are quite different.
"Meghan is very aware that Kate will be Queen; their roles are very clear," they continued.
Meghan and Kate both find being pitted against each other "challenging". (Getty)
The source added that Meghan doesn't fit the typical mould of someone either from, or entering into the royal family.
Kate on the other hand, is a different story.
"Meghan doesn't fit the mould, while Kate was groomed for this," the source explained.
Kate and Meghan are very different people. (Getty)
And fairly, Kate and Meghan have other, much more pressing priorities to be focusing their energies on now - motherhood.
Meghan and Prince Harry's new son Archie is now six months old, and undoubtedly requires round the clock care.
Meanwhile the Cambridge children, George, six, Charlotte, four and Louis, one, are also at an age where Kate will be wanting to spend as much precious time with them as possible.
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The two royals have also proven to have quite different styles when it comes to parenting.
As future King and Queen consort, Kate and Wills have shared a lot of their children's lives with the world, including their first day at school and other milestones.
Harry and Meghan on the other hand have kept things a little more under wraps, choosing not to share some details about Archie's christening in July, and not revealing his godparents.
"They are trying to carve out a different sort of public life and reset the rules," the source said of Meghan and Harry.