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Victoria Beckham begs Meghan Markle: "I want to be Godmother!"

She sure would be doting!

By NW team
It's not enough for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's first child to have a posh godparent – it's got to be a Posh godparent!
Victoria Beckham is dead keen on filling that royal role for her pals Harry and Meghan, with an insider revealing that she feels she has a proper shot at doing so.
"Vic has been spending quite a lot of time with Meghan lately and heard rumours that she may be asked," details the source.
"She absolutely loves having a connection to royalty and it would be the ultimate honour."
However, there could be a big problem – in the form of Victoria's bungling hubby David!
"Victoria is terrified of him making some public mistake in the run-up to the birth," shares the informant.
"David seems to be attracting a lot of negative headlines lately, like when he described marriage as being 'hard work' or he's been photographed partying with a group of girls.
"Vic is really worried that her and David's chance of being godparents could be jeopardised if he slips up," adds the insider.
"She's told him to step up and act more of a dutiful husband in the public eye to prove they're the perfect choice. She's piling on the pressure, but it will be worth it if they can pull this off."
You heard her, Becks – shape up so Posh can get that royal godchild she's always wanted!
Victoria Beckham wants to be the Godmother of Baby Sussex! (Source: Getty Images)
Back in November, NW revealed another VERY famous couple were vying to be Godparents of Baby Sussex.
Yep, George and Amal Clooney were all but confirmed for the coveted positions to the bub which is due to arrive any day now.
Multiple sources confirmed that the star believed he'll almost definitely be a "shoo-in" when the happy pair welcome their first child.
George's cousin Ben Breslin told NW at the time that the 57-year-old would make a "wonderful" godfather to the couple's royal bub.
"I'm all for it," Ben says. "He'd make a wonderful godfather – he'd make a wonderful just about anything, he's a good guy."
George and his wife Amal,40, are both friends of the couple.
Sources say they've flown Harry, 34, and Meghan, 37, to their Italian home in Lake Como, where they received a crash course in parenting after meeting the pair's one-year-old twins, Ella and Alexander.
George and Amal Clooney are also vying to be Godparents to Baby Sussex! (Source: Getty Images)
Now Ben's hoping his cousin will bring his royal pals along next time he visits his hometown of Augusta, Kentucky.
"That would be crazy but fun. It's kind of a laid-back place to be, lots of family around – we always do two or three family events a year, that's fun and enjoyable," he said.
It's no surprise that the pair are top contenders, as the foursome have been friends for quite a while.
The Clooney's were in the VIP pews at the royal wedding and even holidayed with the Sussex's in Lake Como.
Only time will tell who will get the prestigious honour but one thing's for sure - that baby is going to be loved!
Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry are due to be parents any day now! (Source: Getty Images)
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