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Meghan Markle's alleged "secrets" set to be exposed in an explosive new TV show

And her charming nephew is the loose-lipped source.

By Bella Brennan
When it comes to Meghan Markle's estranged family, they leave little to be desired.
And in yet another awful revelation, the Duchess of Sussex's estranged nephew Tyler Dooley seems to be the latest relative exploiting his connection with the royal.
WATCH IN THE PLAYER ABOVE: Tyler Dooley introduces himself on The Royal World!
Tyler Dooley, who is the son of Meghan Markle's half-brother Thomas Markle, is set to star on a controversial new MTV reality show called The Royal World.
According to MTV, the show is all about "a squad of sophisticated young royals and aristocrats who stay in a mansion in the British countryside."
It promises to deliver "outrageous behaviour as these darlings drink and host house parties that will make us well jealous of their unbelievable life."
Tyler and a group of "royals and aristocrats" spend two weeks in a mansion in Surrey, England as the cameras roll. (Image: MTV)
So in a nutshell, it rounds up long lost relatives with tenuous links to royalty, puts them in a mansion in Surrey for two weeks, gets them drunk and let's the dirty laundry flow.
According to the show's host Archie Manners, Tyler will reveal a whole new side to Meghan.
"Tyler talks a lot about Meghan. The public will learn his side of what was an interesting summer for that family," Archie vouched.
Adding: "They'll learn some things about Meghan and the Markle family that will be shocking, surprising and perhaps change people's opinions on what's gone on."
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Tyler wasn't invited to Meghan's wedding and it's unknown the last time he actually had contact with her. (Image: MTV)
But considering there's very little evidence of Tyler and Meghan's relationship and the 25-year-old LA native wasn't even invited to Meghan's royal wedding, we'll be taking everything Tyler says with a grain of salt.
Although Tyler didn't score an invite to the May wedding, he and his mother Tracy Dooley were still flown out to London on behalf of a UK breakfast show but their appearance was cancelled at the last minute due to intense backlash.
In a clip introducing Tyler, he reveals he's connected to royalty because of his "Auntie Meghan" as he reveals she's his favourite royal family member because he doesn't know any of the others.
Did someone say car crash TV?
Meghan's estranged family continue to exploit her name. (Image and hero image: Getty)

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