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Meghan Markle's spending is costing the palace a fortune

The duchess' endless diva-ish demands are causing royal uproar.

Since marrying Prince Harry she's been bold, brash and ripped up the royal rulebook, and now the Duchess of Sussex's outrageous demands are costing the palace a fortune!
Sources tell Woman's Day the 37-year-old is sparing no expense as she renovates her new home at Frogmore Cottage – and that's just the start of her big spending.
Now, with the British people outraged by Meghan's celeb-like lifestyle, Harry's been warned to rein her in before she breaks the royal bank!
Meghan's outrageous demands are costing the palace a fortune! (Image: Getty Images)
"From the start, Meghan has been all about doing things her way and Harry has always loved her independence," one royal staffer explains. "But as far as the rest of the family is concerned, she's out of control. And she's manipulating him into giving her whatever she wants – and more!"
Amid rumours of a rift with her sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, Meghan and Harry, 34, are moving out of Kensington Palace and relocating to Windsor.
And as they prepare for the arrival of their first child, Meghan has big plans when it comes to redecorating.
"Staff are working day and night to get the property ready for the family of three," spills our royal source. "It's already cost millions and they are far from done!"
"She's manipulating him into giving her whatever she wants – and more!" (Image: Getty Images)

Extensive renos

It was recently revealed Meghan and Harry are spending $89,000 of taxpayers' money on a green energy unit that will provide them with low-carbon electricity and hot water. Meghan has also requested a mother-and-baby yoga studio.
Builders have been working flat out to convert the five flats into one large family home. The extensive renovations are said to be costing a staggering $5 million.
"Meghan has been going all out to be princess of the people – she wants to be seen as the next Diana," says our insider.
"But factoring in her lavish spending and all the unnecessary updates to her new home, she doesn't exactly come across as down-to-earth. She definitely seems to be making the most of all the perks that come with being a royal."
Pricey Frogmore renovations: Meghan wants a spa, yoga studio and nursery. (Image: Twitter)
What's more, their new palatial pad in Windsor isn't the couple's only residence. They also have a $4.1 million rental home in the Cotswolds, and sources tell Woman's Day that Meghan insisted they sign a two-year lease.
"She's made it clear that they need to keep up their lease so they can have a getaway home, even after they move to Windsor," the insider confesses.
On top of the cost of their two homes, Meghan splashed $725,000 on clothes in 2018, almost six times the humble $122,000 that sister-in-law Kate, 37, spent on her wardrobe.
WATCH: Meghan Markle's expensive royal wardrobe. Post continues after video...
What's more, there are rumours the Queen has also been forced to splash out on a top British PR guru, in a bid to save Meghan's almost irreparable image.
A palace insider adds, "With Meghan's behaviour spiralling out of control, her press team decided it was time to call in some professionals. They chose Kelly Gibbons of Main & Rose."
Another palace source explains, "At this point, the British public have all but had enough of Meghan and she needs all the help she can get."

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