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Why Meghan Markle didn't wear her name tag at Ascot, although Duchess Kate always does

Members of the royal family are required to wear the name tags to the prestigious racing event, but Meghan didn't wear hers.

Not that she needs to alert people of her identity, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, will always wear a name tag to the Royal Ascot. However, royal watchers were surprised to see newly-minted royal, Meghan Markle enjoying her first appearance at the prestigious event without a name badge, although her husband, Prince Harry wore his name on his chest.
The only member of the royal family who is not officially required to wear a name tag is the Queen, reports Hello! so why didn't Meghan wear hers?
Duchess Katherine always wears a badge to the Royal Ascot.
Meghan, where's you name tag?
The Queen is the only member of the royal family, not required to wear a name tag during the Royal Ascot.
Observant fans noticed the Duchess of Sussex was handed a name tag, as she was spotted holding the white and royal purple badge next to her clutch bag, she just didn't put it on.
It's believed the Duchess' elegant Givenchy shirt-dress was made from pure silk, a fabric easily spoiled had she attached the name tag and possibly the reason why she didn't don the badge.
Duchess Kate however, who is always seen at the event sporting the tag, has previously worn dresses in more durable fabrics like wool and lace which areless likely to be ruined by the tag.
Meghan had a name tag, she just didn't wear it.
Meghan wasn't the only royal to forgo the Royal Ascot name badge, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall this year also did not wear the badge. In previous years she has also chosen not to wear it.
No badge for the Duchess of Cornwall either!
Despite the absence of her badge, Meghan's designer ensemble ticked all the boxes for the event's strict dress code, which stipulates dresses should be "of a modest length" falling just above or below the knee, and hats are a must.
Each year, Royal Ascot organisers send out updates to the "traditional" dress code, as the horse racing event is also a major fashion event.
"Royal Ascot is synonymous with sartorial elegance. This is upheld by our dress code, which invites guests to contribute to an occasion heralded as a major fashion event in its own right," reads the event's website.
This year additions made to the guideline include, socks as a requirement for gentlemen and specific necklines detailed as acceptable, or not. Last year's event saw the addition of the jumpsuit as suitable attire for women.
Meghan Stunned in a Givenchy cream shirt-dress paired with black accessories and a hat by Philip Treacy.