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Those Duchess lessons are working! Meghan Markle mirrors the Queen in every way at their latest engagement

We're not surprised Meghan is picking things up so quickly - she was an actress in her former life after all!

By Ellie McDonald
We knew that Meghan Markle would have to scratch up on her 'Duchess' skills upon marrying Prince Harry, but we didn't know she'd take to the Royal way of life – and all its prim-and-proper traditions – so quickly!
Following a couple of engagements with her new grandmother-in-law, the Queen, Meghan is adopting to her Royal responsibilities like a pro, curtseying on command (even if she did a little nudge from Prince Harry at this year's Trooping The Colour), as well as even adopting a new posture to fit in with her new regal family.
Meghan greeting young leaders at Buckingham Palace on June 26.
Prince Harry and the Queen banded together to celebrate the programme's fourth and final year, the three Royals sat front row for the proceedings – and were obviously photographed doing so.
But if you look a little closer at this picture, you will see that Meghan's upright posture mirrors that of her Queen's most formal stance, as well as her hands clasped in her lap, just like the Queen.
Meghan, fitting in seamlessly.
See Meghan's hands and posture? They're just like the Queen's!
Look, while it might look easy sitting up and clasping your hands, according to the founder of the Australian School of Etiquette, Zarife Hardy, Meghan has had to perfect every part of herself, including how she sits, stands, waves and walks, to keep up with the Royals.
Meghan, learning from the Queen at every moment.
For Meghan, Zarife says one of the most crucial parts of her royal training will be how she conducts herself in public.
Her best tip for good posture when you're sitting down?
"You have to pretend there is an egg behind your bottom and that's how far you're off the back of a chair so you sit upright," Zarife notes.
Duchess Catherine would've gone through the same training hence why her hands are as perfectly placed as they are.
This is just another significant moment for Meghan, as the Duchess of Sussex shows her adoration and admiration for the English monarch. And it seems fitting, considering Meghan and the Queen are becoming firm friends.
As previously reported by Now To Love, Meghan and the Queen have bonded quickly, which comes as a sweet surprised to many Royal onlookers. But why have they solidified their friendship so swiftly? Well, apparently it's because the two share one love that not even Harry or William could: Meghan loves the Queen's corgis almost as much as the English queen does herself!
The Queen was even spotted looking after Meghan's pup Guy ahead of the Royal Wedding!
As reported by Grazia UK, Royal writer and biographer Christopher Andersen says that just because the rest of the Royal family couldn't get along with the Queen's corgis, didn't mean that Meghan wouldn't.
"Everyone in the Royal Family, without exception, detests the Queen's corgis, and the corgis return the favour," he says.
"Charles, Philip, Anne, Andrew, Edward, William, Harry, all have gone on record saying they cannot abide Her Majesty's dogs. They bark, they nip, they pee everywhere, and they are famous for sweeping into a room and tripping people up. But they love Meghan. And the Queen has practically adopted Meghan's adorable rescue beagle, Guy."
We love watching this Royal friendship blossom!