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Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry get up close and personal with some furry and spiky Aussies

How much can a koala bear.

Duchess Meghan cannot stop laughing as she and Prince Harry come face-to-face with some of Australia's more unique fauna - including a couple of mama koalas with some interestingly named offspring.
Harry and Meghan were visiting Taronga Zoo in Sydney as part of their royal tour Down Under - and among their many special introductions, they met Ruby and Wattle, both koala mums to kids (or joeys) called Harry and Meghan, to commemorate the royal visit.
As the Prince was shown into the koala enclosure, he showed he had a grip on local humour. "It's not a drop bear, is it?" the Prince asked Taronga Zoo CEO Cameron Kerr.
Meghan, showing just a hint of a baby bump, cooed at the koalas before patting them, saying: "Sweet, cute" as keeper Suzie MacNamara explained how the animals are threatened in the wild.
The royal parents-to-be lean in for the koala pat. (Image: Getty Images)
Meghan can't stop giggling - but the koala remains unfazed. (Image: Getty Images)
The royals travelled to Sydney's Taronga Zoo where they officially opened the new Taronga Institute of Science and Learning.
The Institute is a purpose-built research and education centre on site and the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, housing the largest conservation science team of any zoo in the Australasia.
During their visit they were introduced to a whole lot of charming and cuddly locals - and one rather spiky character called Lynx, an echidna.
Prince Harry was intrigued by a certain aspect of the prickly Aussie, asking if it had a snotty nose for some reason. "It's the excitement," wildlife nutritionist Michelle Shaw replied.
"He's a breeding male, he's kind of a stud, he's had two babies."
Prince Harry gets up close and personal with Aussie wildlife. (Image: Getty Images)
The couple have a packed itinerary today - and it's already been busy.
As The Royal Highnesses hightail it around Sydney, they couldn't have looked happier following last night's exciting announcement that they are expecting a baby in spring.
Wearing a stunning white dress, named the 'Blessed' dress by Australian designer Karen Gee, the fitted style gives royal baby-watchers a look at Meghan's new baby bump.
And royal watchers are obviously loving the dress, because as soon as it was identified, fans jumped online to purchase causing the Karen Gee site to have a momentarily overload.
Harry and Meghan have also made sure to engage with as many locals as possible. And as always they love to talk to the children - in this case it was 4-year-old Findlay Blue and 6-year-old Dasha Gallagher after the royals had opened the institute.
They were also introduced to another local, a spiky character called Lynx, a short-legged echidna.
Harry and Meghan have a renowned rapport with the public who flock to meet them, including the children like Findlay (right) and Dasha. (Image: Getty Images)
In her high heels and body-con dress - and carrying a growing bump - Meghan gets down to Findlay's level to receive a posy of Australian natives. (Images: Getty Images).
Earlier the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were at Admiralty House where the Queen's representative in Australia Governor-General Peter Cosgrove and his wife Lady Cosgrove presented them with a number of little gifts, including a stuffed kangaroo and a pair of Akubra hats.
But it was the third little gift — a pair of baby ugg boots for their own little royal joey — that brought a huge smile to Harry's face.