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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle highlight female empowerment group for International Youth Day

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have promoted three more charities to shine light on the day.

By Anita Lyons
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are firm believers in celebrating charities with causes close to their hearts.
The young royals are famous for using their massive Instagram following to shine a light on the amazing work these charities perform.
While their most recent post celebrated #WorldElephantDay, overnight they shared another post highlighting International Youth Day.
Taking to their only social media account, the couple promoted three more organisations to celebrate the day, including a female empowerment group who are vowing to #smashthepatriarchy.
Accompanying the series of photographs, a caption outlined the organisations of "young leaders helping our communities at a grassroots and global level - the inspiring individuals who have the power to lead the future, and are moving the needle every single day."
As President and Vice-President of the Queens Commonwealth Trust, they hope to "shine a light on a few of these change making young leaders of the QCT, who are doing amazing things - not because they have to, but because they want to - a choice we all have in life."
Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry hope to "shine a light" on three more amazing charities. (Source: Getty Images)
HeyGirlDreamer is a charity based in the UK, that was "created with female empowerment for the next generation of women of colour in mind".
The organisation has been a lifeline for many, providing leadership development and community initiatives focused on social inclusion, and often shares quotes on their Instagram page including: "Matriarch over patriarch".
HeyGirlDreamer was founded by Amna Akhtar and Kiran Kaur in the UK. (Source: Instagram/SussexRoyal)
The power couple also celebrated environmentalist Liz Wathuti who is the 23-year-old founder of Green Generation Initiative.
"Focusing on deforestation, climate change and pollution - GGI has trained over 10,000 school children in being environmentally conscious and facilitated the planting of over 20,000 tree seedlings in schools, to help secure local school feeding programs," they wrote on Instagram.
Children involved in the Green Generation Initiative. (Source: Instagram/Sussex Royal)
The final person highlighted was Andrew Bownds, the young founder of Eco Brixs, which is "a closed-loop recycling system providing employment opportunities and creating a positive environmental impact in Masaka, Uganda."
The community based system starts with local people collecting plastic waste, which they deposit at local satellite collection stations in return for payment.
Andrew Bownds, the young founder of Eco Brixs. (Source: Instagram/Sussex Royal)

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