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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's future revealed: Fame, fortune and freedom

The renegade royals can do anything they want, raking in the big bucks as well.

By Woman's Day team
With their Sussex Royal trademark and no official royal protocol to adhere to, the world has become Meghan and Harry's oyster.
They've already indicated that they're planning on releasing a range of merchandise and have even hinted they could bring out their own magazine or newspaper, after Meghan "thoroughly enjoyed" her turn as guest editor for British Vogue.
Some insiders have suggested they'll even begin their own podcast.
"They have the fame and profile to do whatever they want – and make loads of money from it," says our source.
"The sky's the limit – we're expecting cookbooks, perfumes and maybe even their own TV show or docuseries. Not to mention no one will be able to stop Meghan taking acting roles again. She's really missed being on camera.
"They're worth $45 million as it is, and the new commercial opportunities are endless."

Freedom at last

The Sussexes plan to release a range of merchandise. (Source:Getty)
But it's the personal freedom that Meghan will enjoy the most.
"Royals aren't meant to accept gifts or freebies, which was a bitter pill for Meghan to swallow when she became a princess," says a source.
"When she was on Suits, PR companies would send her all sorts of free goodies, luxury labels and travel opportunities in exchange for her promoting them on red carpets and social media. She loved it. And now she'll be free to do it again."
Meghan was not allowed to accept freebies as a royal, but now that could all change. (Source:Getty)
Woman's Day has been told Meghan's also looking forward to being free of the palace's "fashion constraints".
"She can't wait to never wear a pair of nude heels, sheer pantyhose or a conservative dress with a hem below the knee again," says an insider.
"She'll even be able to get plastic surgery like Botox or a boob job, and the palace won't be able to say a thing about it!"
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Your questions answered

The Sussexes are now free to promote anything – and everything – they want. (Source:Getty)
How will they earn money?
They may still receive a stipend from the Duchy of Cornwall if the Prince of Wales – now Charles, soon to be William – is feeling generous.
But the couple's earnings will likely come from private endeavours, such as Meghan returning to acting or from endorsements.
Will they keep their titles?
The Sussexes assume they will – however rumours are running rampant at the Palace that the Queen, Charles and William are all "incandescent with rage" and are considering stripping them of their HRHs.
What happens to them in the line of succession?
If they're stripped of their titles, Harry (sixth) and his son Archie (seventh) will be disqualified from inheriting the throne in the event Charles, William and his three children are unavailable.
Prince Andrew, despite himself being stood down recently, will jump back up to sixth.
Where will they live in Canada?
While Meghan lived in Toronto for seven years before meeting her prince, rumour has it they're looking for real estate on the west coast in British Columbia – a spectacular part of the world with Vancouver at its heart, which is just under three hours by plane from Los Angeles.
What does it mean for Archie?
Most likely a dual Canadian and British citizenship, and, later down the line, possibly boarding school at a prestige Canadian institution.

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