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Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry prove they're just like the rest of us by catching a public train

They gave commuters quite the shock.

By Jess Pullar
Imagine this: You're going about your normal morning commute to work, hopping on the train, tuning into Spotify and/or scrolling through the latest news on your smartphone when bam, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan stride into your carriage.
We'd need a couple of minutes to pick our jaws up off the floor, to be frank.
That's exactly what happened this week to bemused commuters on the Lougborough to Leicester line. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex casually hopped onto the train on their way to Loughborough University for a sporting awards event.
Quite understandably, people took to Twitter to express their shock.
In the video, Harry and Meghan are seen walking hand in hand through the station, surrounded by security.
"Bizarrely sharing my train with Harry & Meghan today," the Twitter user wrote.
This isn't the first display of surprising normality from the royals. Meghan was also spotted closing her own car door this week (cue gasps).
And while this seemingly normal activity could be expected of your average 37-year old, the move apparently broke royal protocol - hence mass hysteria.
Meghan caused a stir among fans this week for closing a car door on her own.
Meghan has not been one to shy away from paving her own path, even as a royal. Earlier this month, she attended the launch of her charity cookbook with her mum at her side. This was an unprecedented move given non-royal family members traditionally don't join royals on official engagements.
Moreover, Harry seems to be on-board with Meghan's liberated ways. The pair have previously caught the train together on a visit in Cardiff.
Like the rest of us, the newlywed's were forced to adhere to the perils of public transport, arriving an hour late due to delays!
Upon their belated arrival, Harry comically said: "Most of you have freezing cold hands! We're very sorry we're late. Blame the trains!"
Queen Elizabeth and Meghan also caught a private train to an event in Cheshire together in June.
Meghan has also jumped aboard the Queen's very own private train with Elizabeth herself for their first official outing together.
Meghan and Harry are set to hit Australian shores in October for the Invictus Games. The pair will arrive in Dubbo on October 17, followed by Melbourne the next day. The couple will then head to Sydney for the Invictus Games, followed by Fraser Island on October 22.
This will mark Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first official royal tour as husband and wife.
And while we're sure the occurrences of the royals catching a train are few and far between, we'll be keeping our eyes peeled at the station!
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