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Duchess Meghan & Prince Harry were all set to fly back to the UK this week... then everything changed

A fair few royal curve balls.

By Jess Pullar
Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry recently made the move to Los Angeles after stepping down as senior royal family members, but they never intended to stay in the one place for quite this long.
While the pair are no doubt taking advantage of their time in California by slowly settling into a new home, the pair were actually set to travel back to the UK this week - only, things didn't go quite to plan.
When the COVID-19 pandemic began sweeping the world, countries near and far closed their borders to international travel to avoid further spread of the virus.
Harry and Meghan quickly moved from their former residence on Vancouver Island to Los Angeles at the eleventh hour - only hours before flights were grounded between the two locations.
The quick move happened back in March, and since then, the pair have stayed holed up in their Beverly Hills mansion as health authorities continue to urge people stay home.
Of course, before the pandemic kicked off, the pair likely had a lot of plans, many of which we assume involved travel (much like a lot of us!).
What those now-cancelled plans were, we'll never know - apart from one, which we can quite safely hedge our bets on - the wedding of Princess Beatrice.
Harry and Meghan were all set for a whirlwind trip back to the UK this week, but then everything changed. (Getty)
On May 29, the Princess and her financier beau Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi were due to tie the knot in a small, yet sweet ceremony in London.
Due to the restrictions around coronavirus, the pair cancelled their special date, with the intention of rescheduling it when things are looking a little less worrisome.
That said, we can't help but think about what could have been on this day in the UK - a royal wedding is always a spectacle, but imagine how exciting it would have been to see the Sussexes and Cambridges unite for the occasion.
Guess we'll just have to be patient!
Princess Beatrice has had to reschedule her wedding in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Instagram / Made by Dyslexia)
Beatrice's mum, Sarah Ferguson, recently spoke about her disappointment in having to reschedule the day.
"It's sad for me that Beatrice, she was going to get married next week, but they postponed the wedding," she revealed on Darlton Harris' podcast, City Island Podcast.
That said, the royals were taking isolation very seriously, with Sarah revealing that Beatrice was staying with her future husband and his mother.
"Edo and Beatrice have been living with her future mother-in-law, who is lovely. Great friend of mine. But I'm missing my other daughter but it's just like everybody else, we are just the same family as everybody else," the royal explained.
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As for when the couple will rescehdule their wedding date for remains to be seen, but a spokesperson recently told PEOPLE: "There are no plans to switch venues or hold a bigger wedding. They aren't even thinking about their wedding at this time. There will come a time to rearrange, but that's not yet."
So for now, we simply wait in anticipation and take comfort in the fact that we will get to enjoy a royal wedding eventually - perhaps just hold off on getting the bunting out for a little longer.

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