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Duchess Meghan wore a pasta necklace gifted by a young fan and our hearts have exploded

The stars aligned for the six-year-old royal fanatic.

By Jess Pullar
Duchess Meghan is quickly making a name for herself as a generous, kind-hearted soul when it comes to encounters with royal fans, but her latest gesture has officially taken the cake.
During her visit to Melbourne on Wednesday, the Duchess came across a young boy, six-year-old Gavin Hazelwood, who made a very special gift for the new mum-to-be.
Meghan was spotted donning a new accessory while she met fans in Melbourne. (Image: Getty Images)
According to Sydney Morning Herald, young Gavin took the morning off school because he was feeling poorly, but he found the energy to make Meghan a pasta necklace.
Fashioned on a blue ribbon, the royal fan dipped the pasta in gold colouring as a finishing touch.
Little did he know, Gavin's choice of necklace design and colour was impeccably perfect for the Duchess.
Indeed the stars officially aligned when Meghan stepped out that day in a navy blue Dion Lee dress, the perfect hue to be accompanied by the crafty golden piece of jewellery.
Now, the trick was to get Meghan to notice him.
Young Gavin pulled all the stops to make the Duchess notice him. (Image: Twitter / @ro_smith)
But for Gavin, it was too easy. Dressed in a pilot outfit and holding a sign reading 'I made you a necklace', he easily caught the Duchesses attention as she made her way through the crowds outside Government House.
The 37-year-old royal stopped to receive the necklace from Gavin, and on it went!
Meghan wore the necklace for the remainder of the public walkabout in Melbourne. (Image: Getty Images)
Paired with her Dion Lee dress believed to cost around $1,300, the necklace was a thrillingly chic accessory for the Duchess. In fact, she continued to wear it for the remainder of the public walkabout!
We'll just take a moment to absorb how absurdly cute this moment was.
The blue ribbon necklace was adorned with gold pasta. (Image: Getty Images)
During their public walkabouts, it's part and parcel for the royals to be showered in gifts. We've already seen multiple drawings, toy kangaroos, heartfelt notes and bunches of flowers handed to Meghan and Harry as they've made their way through the crowds.
Usually after receiving them, the pair hand the gifts over to members of their entourage, which is fair enough - you'd be hard pressed to find a person able to hold that amount of objects, all while shaking the hands of thousands of adoring onlookers!
That technically makes the pasta necklace encounter all the more amazing - Meghan was clearly too fond of the style to pass it up straight away!
Meghan and Harry's royal tour has been jam-packed full of sweet moments with fans. Royal spectators captured the moment Harry introduced his wife to 98-year-old war widow Daphne Dunne in Sydney on Tuesday.
She had met Prince Harry many times over the past few years and the pair always share a fond embrace.
Watch the adorable moment in the video below:
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When the pair visited Dubbo the next day, they met with a number of young local school children. The pictures were enough to make us swoon, with many of the kids embracing the expecting parents.
Be still our beating hearts, this royal tour couldn't get any cuter if it tried!
Young Dubbo locals got a right royal cuddle with the Prince! (Image: Getty Images)
Harry and Meghan are naturals with young royal fans. (Image: Getty Images)