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Duchess Meghan's brand new project in the US is all about oat milk lattes - yes, you read that correctly

Oprah Winfrey of all people let the cat out of the bag.

By Jess Pullar
To say Duchess Meghan is a foodie would be an understatement, just look at her latest investment for proof.
After making her first public appearance since sharing a deeply personal and moving essay about her miscarriage in July, the Duchess is right back into the swing of things.
You know her drill - making inspiring statements, serving up plenty of fashion inspiration and... apparently promoting oat milk lattes.
Yes, you did read that correctly - the Duchess of Sussex has invested in Clevr Blends, which is a female-led company that creates instant oat milk lattes.
The start-up jumped on a trend you might have noticed emerging from the Northern Hemisphere and quietly taking hold in cafes Down Under - oat milk is definitely the latest non-dairy alternative hyped to the masses.
Of course, much like soy, almond and other nut milk variations, brand and make is key, which can often lead to a sneaky price increase in your regular latte.
Clevr Blends is clearly jumping on the hype to create an affordable alternative option for those heavily reliant on their daily cuppa of non-dairy Joe.
Meghan is investing in a non-dairy instant coffee company. (Getty)
Of course, Meghan hasn't invested in the next mass-money-making corporate scheme - the company has an ethos entrenched in giving back with one per cent of the revenue going to organisations fighting for food justice in the US.
In a statement to Fortune Magazine, the US-based royal said: "This investment is in support of a passionate female entrepreneur who prioritises building community alongside her business."
She explained she was "proud" to invest in the company, founded by Hannah Mendoza, committed to "sourcing ethical ingredients and creating a product that I personally love and has a holistic approach to wellness. I believe in her and I believe in her company."
Meghan's choice in investing was in "support of a passionate female entrepreneur who prioritises building community alongside her business". (Getty)
Meghan's statement confirmed all - but in an interesting twist, it wasn't her to initially let the cat out of the bag.
Indeed, the Duchess' long time pal and talk show icon Oprah Winfrey spilled the beans about Meghan's latest investment by sharing a video with her own Clevr Blends oat milk latte with a not-so-cryptic caption.
"On the first day of Christmas my neighbor 'M' sent to me...a basket of deliciousness!" She began, before adding, "yes that M," alongside a crown emoji.
She concluded: "My new drink of choice for the morning and night. Wish I had @clevrblends sooner cause I would've added it to my Favorite Things list. #HappyHolidays."
Oprah initially let the cat out of the bag by sharing one of her Christmas gifts from Duchess Meghan. (@Oprah)

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