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The telling clue that suggests Meghan Markle is going to make another royal baby announcement

Get the bunting at the ready...

By Jess Pullar
Baby Archie is only three-months-old, but already, the world is wondering when mum Meghan Markle might have another baby.
And it's not hard to see why there's so much interest in baby number two for the Duchess and her husband Prince Harry. The hype surrounding the pair as they welcomed their newborn son to the world in May was at an all-time royal high.
So when might we be celebrating it all again?
Well, going by the following signs, it could be quite soon.
The first signal has come in the form of plain old fashioned odds.
Betting agency Ladbrokes has indeed slashed odds on Meghan and Harry welcoming a new royal baby as soon as next year.
The bookies have now made it 3/1 for Meghan to give birth in 2020 - a sentiment agreed upon by many.
"Meghan I reckon will be pregnant again by end of year," a fan penned on Twitter.
Can we expect another baby before long for these two? (Dominic Lipinski / PA / AAP)
And that's not all punters are confident about. In fact, the very same odds have been slashed for Kate Middleton to also welcome a fourth child next year.
Alex Apati told The Express: "We're anticipating a huge year for the royals in 2020 with not one but two new additions seemingly on their way."
But the surge in confidence must be taken with a grain of salt - Meghan has only just given birth to son Archie, and there's no denying she's enjoying spending some quality time out of the public eye to bond with him.
Just days after his christening in July, Meghan was seen attending a polo match with her son Archie and it was clearer than ever that she was utterly besotted with her new bub.
Meghan couldn't have looked more besotted with baby Archie while she cradled him at a polo match in July. (Getty)
But there's also another factor that could suggest Meghan might be making an announcement sooner rather than later.
Having just turned 38, Meghan is above the average age to have children, with a recent Mothers and Babies report revealing that the average age of Aussie mums giving birth was 30.3 in 2015.
And speaking to Now To Love in an interview last year, fertility expert Dr Joseph Sgroi revealed the chance of conception decreases throughout a woman's 30s.
"Below 30 the chance of conception is around 20-25 per cent per month. By 35, that it is around 17 per cent per month and by 40, around 8-10 per cent per month," he said.
In addition, becoming a mum over the age of 35 can also involve more risks - dependant on any underlying medical conditions.
With that being said, it seems likely that if Meghan and Harry are to have another baby, they'll likely hope for it to occur in the not-too-distant future.
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Prince Harry himself has also confirmed that he'd like to have more children.
At a recent engagement, the doting new dad revealed that he would like to have two children.
Speaking to celebrated ethologist Dr Jane Goodall, Harry talked about the effects of humans on the world, saying: "I've always wanted to try and ensure that, even before having a child and hoping to have children..." to which Jane interjected, saying: "Not too many!"
Harry laughed adding: "Two, maximum!"
Prince Harry himself has revealed he and Meghan might welcome another brother or sister for baby Archie. (Getty)
And while there's no denying that being over 35 might carry some challenges when it comes to falling pregnant, Meghan isn't the first royal to have children at a slightly more mature age.
Indeed Sophie of Wessex was 38, and then 42 when she welcomed her two children Lady Louise Windsor and James Viscount Severn.
We'll also likely never know whether Meghan and Harry enlist any fertility treatment to spur the process, but generally speaking, it's understood that if a woman has been trying to fall pregnant for more than six months over the age of 35, seeing a fertility specialist can provide some answers.
With that being said, it seems very likely that baby Archie will enjoy the company of a little brother or sister at some point in the near future. Watch this space...
We can't wait to watch this gorgeous family grow together. (Chris Allerton / SussexRoyal)