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Meghan Markle leaves baby Archie in Canada as she arrives in the UK for final engagements

The Duchess has several engagements in the UK to attend before officially stepping back.

By Jess Pullar
Meghan Markle is flying solo to the UK this week, leaving 10-month-old son Archie back in Canada, according to a new report.
The 38-year-old Duchess will travel to London to carry out several final engagements before she and husband Prince Harry formally step back from their current roles as senior royal family members on March 31.
This marks the second time Meghan and Harry have flown back to the UK without their baby son, the last time being in January when they first announced the shock news they would be stepping back.
It is understood Archie will be looked after by his Nanny, as well as Meghan's close friend Jessica Mulroney, who is also based in Canada.
While understandable that the pair would want to keep the newborn away from the unavoidable hubbub their appearances in London together will generate, the news that Archie won't be coming along seems to have ruffled a few feathers, particularly within the royal fold.
Harry and Meghan will carry out several final engagements in the UK this month, but according to new reports, they'll leave their baby son Archie back in Canada. (Getty)
According to a new report from the Sunday Times' Roya Nikkhah, Meghan and Harry's decision to keep Archie away from the limelight and back in Canada has made the Queen "very sad".
According to Roya's source, the family have seen little of Archie since his birth, so the decision to keep him back in Canada again is understandably disappointing.
That said, the pair will be keeping particularly busy as they round out their final engagements as royals in London this week.
This week alone, Harry and Meghan will step out together at the Endeavour Fund Awards, as well as attending the Mountbatten Music Festival over the weekend.
It is also expected that Meghan will attend a public event in celebration of International Women's Day, which falls on March 8.
Meghan has a busy schedule over the coming weeks. (Getty)
Prince Harry has also gotten back into the swing of things, having returned to London last week where he took part in a summit for environmentally-friendly travel organisation Travalyst.
On Friday, he also took part in a recording session with the Invictus Games choir, where he was joined by none other than Jon Bon Jovi.
Sharing highlights from the day on Instagram, the pair revealed some extra details, including the special background to the song, Unbroken, which was written by Bon Jovi to "shine a spotlight on those veterans living with Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI), to honour their service and acknowledge the strength of the Armed Forces community."

The recording session took place at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London, so of course it was pertinent that a reenactment of the iconic Abbey Road photo was included in the day's events.
The Prince attracted hundreds of onlookers as he and Bon Jovi came out to the street alongside two other members of the Invictus choir to pose for the photo. Personally, we reckon they've nailed it!
Prince Harry and Jon Bon Jovi posed up a storm outside the Abbey Road studios in London. (Getty)