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REVEALED: Meghan Markle's secret past with George Clooney

Years before she became a duchess, Meghan was very nearly Hollywood royalty...

By NW team
Meghan Markle has lived every girl's dream - from marrying her dashing prince to residing in a fairytale palace.
But it turns out she could have been Hollywood royalty instead – because she almost snared King Clooney!
Yep, while Meghan and George Clooney have been mates for years, new whispers have emerged that they might have been more than that for a brief period back in the day...
Whispers of a past romance between Meghan and George have been rife. (Images: Getty)
"George and Meghan are great friends, but the way that he's so publicly stood up for her recently makes it seem like they could have some kind of a past," an insider tells NW.
"After all, Meghan always hoped she'd end up with someone super-successful [so] of course she would have her eye on a guy like George! Not only is he one of the hottest men in the world, but he's also totally charming and hilarious."
Aw, poor Meg, having to put up with a consolation prize like handsome Prince Harry!
Prince Harry ended up being Meghan's knight in shining armour! (Image: Getty)
Of course, the two couples have become fast friends, with George and his wife Amal attending the royal wedding – at which George is said to have danced with the bride.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex then holidayed at the Clooney estate on Lake Como, where Meghan and Amal reportedly solidified their friendship and the boys bonded over George's motorcycle collection.
Amal was also at Meghan's New York City baby shower in February.
WATCH: A-list guests arrive at Duchess Meghan's baby shower. Story continues after video...
They can all laugh about the romantic vibes of the past and that it wasn't meant to be – but the fact that George leapt so readily to Meghan's defence recently speaks volumes about the, ahem, Mark-le the actress has made on him.
"[Meghan] is a really kind and smart and intelligent young woman," he told Good Morning Britain, describing the royal duo as "a really wonderful, loving couple".
"I think it's a little unfair at times," he added of Meghan's treatment by the British press.
"She hadn't done anything except just happen to live her life."
George has defended Meghan following her "unfair" treatment by the British press. (Image: Getty)
George first met Amal in July 2013, a month before Meghan and first husband Trevor Engelson finalised their divorce – so the source believes that the Oscar winner and the future duchess must have had their date in the months preceding.
"There's talk that they have a history," says the spy.
"After all, Meg would be exactly George's type. She's beautiful and wants to make the world a better place. Plus, she goes after what she wants. She wouldn't have been afraid to make a move on George when they were both single!"
George and Amal are rock-solid these days. (Image: Getty)
Clearly everything worked out for the best in the end – but it's crazy to think about what could have been!
"George and Meg go on double dates these days and laugh about it now," grins the source.
"They both got their happily ever after – it just wasn't with each other!"

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