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Duchess Meghan is glowing as she provides a rare insight about her baby son Archie in a new home video

The Duchess of Sussex spoke to Fortune magazine's Emma Hinchliffe about overcoming fear.

By Jess Pullar
California truly suits Duchess Meghan.
Ever since she moved to the US state with her husband Prince Harry and one-year-old son Archie, the Duchess looks happier and more relaxed than ever - and the evidence is loud and clear as she makes a series of appearances via video link from her new Santa Barbara home.
On Tuesday, the Duchess spoke once again from her new digs, this time for the Fortune Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit.
Speaking to the associate editor of the magazine, Emma Hinchliffe, Meghan opened up about overcoming fear and staying true to oneself.
"If you live knowing the truth, regardless of what anyone says, you'll be able to go to sleep with a clear conscience."
"Most people are afraid of the unknown, but sometimes you need to take that leap."
Meghan spoke to Fortune magazine's associate editor Emma Hinchliffe. (Fortune)
She also spoke of taking a risk, even when your decision might be viewed with scepticism.
"Sometimes making the best decision for yourself and your family might not be the most popular one," she told Emma.
"But when you really know who you are and you know what your belief system is and you live by truth, then I think that can start to peel away the layers of where the fear comes in."

The Duchess touched on her son, Archie, adding that he has made her more "courageous," but that his presence has also made her "so concerned for the world they're going to inherit."
Meghan also spoke of the power of social media, despite her personal absence from the platforms - a feat which was felt widely given she first disabled her popular Instagram account when she married Harry, and later stepped back from her joint Palace account, Sussex Royal.
"I think there's an incredible opportunity for everyone to recognise that your voice matters and I think you realise it more when you are not able to exercise it, so regardless of my experience over the last few years compared to anyone's experience, you can't take for granted the ability you have as a woman to be able to be heard and now with the platform that people have on social media, to actually have that voice heard for a larger audience is a huge responsibility."
She added: "It's a privilege but it's also a responsibility."
Meghan spoke of her son Archie in the video appearance. (Fortune)
For the video, Meghan was fresh faced and glowing, wearing a simple strap printed top and beautiful gold earrings.
She wore her hair in a low pony-tail and kept her makeup minimal.
That Californian sun has definitely been working a treat for the royal - she looked radiant.
The Duchess was glowing in the new video. (Fortune)
Of course, it was pertinent to have a good old squiz to see what was going on in the background of Meghan's video appearance.
Her home decor was on point as always, with a small pile of books, including The Black Godfather, a candle and some bright flowers placed neatly behind her.
Suffice to say we're taking fashion, beauty and interior inspo from Meghan now.

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