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Meghan and Camilla’s secret meeting exposed

Charles’ wife has finally found a firm ally- and it’s got the royals seething.

The Queen's worst nightmare is being realised as a clear division is being established in the royal family - and it will come as no surprise that Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is once more at the centre of the latest drama rocking the palace.
As the royal press office scrambles to help repair the Duchess of Sussex's image – Meghan has been accused of being demanding, difficult and fame-hungry in recent weeks – Camilla has sunk her claws into the newest member of the family, doing everything she can to form a secret alliance with the American-born princess in a bid to secure her as a firm ally in the Windsor clan.
Camilla is determined to make Meghan her latest project. (Image: Getty Images)
It comes after the duchesses were first spotted deep in conversation at an event just days after Meghan, 37, wed Prince Harry, 34, in Windsor in May.
Now, Woman's Day can reveal a photo of Camilla talking to Meghan on that day – once thought to be a friendly exchange between royal wives – reveals the very moment the 71-year-old decided to make Meghan her latest project.
Now, palace aides fear Meghan has been won over by Camilla's charm. It's believed the women have been having one-on-one catch-ups on a regular basis. In fact, Camilla and Meghan are even swapping style tips.
Bag buddies: The duchesses have even been sharing style tips with each other. (Images: Getty Images)

Cause and effect

The Duchess of Cornwall was recently spotted carrying the same green leather DeMellier London bag that pregnant Meghan used at a royal event last year.
Each tote sold, which retails for $540, helps to fund vaccinations for a child in need in Africa.
"Camilla adores Meghan's style and they've been getting together to discuss everything from clothes to the causes they support," one royal aide reveals. "But everyone at the palace knows Camilla can be incredibly manipulative, and you can be sure there's more to this than her wanting to make Meghan feel comfortable among the royals. Camilla would want to make her an ally for all her nasty schemes!"
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The news comes after more criticism last week, with Harry's staff claiming he's become "high maintenance" ever since Meghan arrived on the scene.
"The last thing Meghan needs to do is align herself with Camilla," another royal source explains. "Someone needs to talk some sense into her – before it's too late!"

Meghan's bump obsession!

Since she announced her pregnancy in October, Meghan has done everything she can to draw attention to her baby bump.
From her gentle left-handed touch to her double-handed clasp and even talking to her tummy, it seems the mum-to-be can't keep her hands off it!
She can't keep her hands off! (Images: Getty Images)

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