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The subtle changes Meghan Markle is making to her royal tour wardrobe might surprise you

It's all in the details.

By Jess Pullar
Duchess Meghan is not one to shy away from testing royal rules - that much has always been clear.
From discussing politics publicly, bringing her mum to an official royal engagement, and even closing her own car door (gasp!), the Duchess is definitely paving her own path as she takes on life as a royal.
But when it comes to her royal tour wardrobe, it looks like the former Hollywood actress is toning things down a notch - although not necessarily in the way you'd expect.
Duchess Meghan has worn some stunning, yet conventional ensembles throughout her royal tour Down Under. (Images: Getty)
As a mum-to-be, it comes as no surprise that Meghan's current wardrobe includes some altered garments for her growing tummy.
But a striking blue shirt dress by US designer Veronica Beard worn by the Duchess last week has got people talking for another reason.
The design is pictured on the label's website as having thigh high splits, however when Meghan wore the frock while visiting a Tongan secondary school, the dresses slits had been altered to reach only as high as Meghan's knee.
Meghan's version of the 'Cary Dress' was altered to have lower slits. (Images: L-R Veronica Beard, Getty)
To add to her slightly more conventional wardrobe choices, Meghan wore another customised gown by designer Gabriela Hearst for a formal event at Government House in New Zealand on Sunday evening.
The navy dress originally had spaghetti straps, however these were replaced with capped sleeves for the Duchess, giving the dress a more formal look.
Markle opted for a capped sleeve as opposed to spaghetti straps. (Images: L-R Gabriela Hears, Getty)
But while these subtle changes are more aligned with royal rules, it definitely doesn't mean Meghan hasn't tested the limits before.
There isn't a specific rule that states royals can't have slits in their dresses, but a certain floaty striped dress with slits worn by the Duchess while she was in Queensland got people talking last week.
And the thigh-high splits were only one part of it - royal spectators were quick to note the transparent fabric, which was similar to a style worn by Princess Diana in the 1980s.
The slightly transparent skirts worn by both Diana and Meghan didn't fail to get tongues wagging. (Images: Getty)
The thigh-high slits in Meghan's Queensland ensemble also turned heads. (Image: Media Mode)
Meghan got off to a running start as a royal when she also wore an off-shoulder pale pink dress by Carolina Herrera to an official royal event earlier this year. According to Page Six, the dress broke royal protocol given "fashion tradition usually dictates that Royal women do not wear off-shoulder or other more revealing styles."
Meghan's off-shoulder ensemble was also against royal protocol, according to Page Six. (Image: Getty)
And even in her official engagement shoot with Prince Harry, Meghan went bare-legged, opting not to wear pantyhose as is usually custom for royals.
Meghan defied royal tradition by not wearing any pantyhose for her engagement shoot with Prince Harry. (Image: Getty Images)
During Meghan's royal tour Down Under, the Duchesses wardrobe alterations have also got people talking about her pregnancy.
The striking red dress worn by the Duchess as she touched down in Tonga last week had a custom-designed waste to cater for a baby bump - but that wasn't the only interesting part.
Emily Nash, royal editor at Hello!, revealed the couple had asked for the flexible seam to be incorporated into the design back in April, which "Suggests they knew a Baby Sussex might have been in the making," she told Sunrise.
Considering the pair got married in mid-May this year, that means they were planning when to have their first child together before they were even married!
All things considered, there's no denying Meghan is a style icon to be reckoned with, and we'll continue to relish all of her maternity ensembles in the coming months.
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