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Duchess Meghan is officially returning to Hollywood as her brand new acting role is revealed

The news comes after she and Prince Harry announced they are stepping back from their royal duties.

By Jess Pullar
The Duchess of Sussex, also known as former Hollywood actress Meghan Markle, is officially making a return to the big screen following her shock decision to step back from her royal role.
The talented 38-year-old has reportedly signed a voice-over deal with Disney, in return for a donation made to a wildlife charity.
This marks a big move for the Duchess, who only just made the announcement that she and husband Prince Harry would transition from being senior members of the royal family and work to become "financially independent".
Meghan Markle is officially returning to acting, according to reports. (Getty)
Further details about her voice-over deal with Disney are scarce, but it's understood she recorded the role just before she and Harry left for Canada at the end of last year.
The Times reported that the donation from Meghan's work with the entertainment giant will be made to Elephants Without Borders.
This move certainly suggests that the royals are already carving out their own plans in the wake of becoming more independent from their roles and expectations as royal family members.
In working to become "financially independent", it seems very possible that the Duchess may return to acting in some capacity.
Meghan got her big break on US series Suits. (Getty / NBCU)
While the pair's decision to step back seems invariably finite, there might still be some hoops to jump through.
On Monday, January 13, the Queen herself will host a "crisis meeting" whereby Harry and Meghan will go before the Monarch herself, as well as Prince William and Prince Charles.
Together, they hope find a "workable solution" for their roles as members of the royal family.
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The Duchess, who flew back to Canada with son Archie last week, will dial in to the meeting.
Sources told HELLO! that the result from the meeting will ideally help both Meghan and Harry be able to pursue their own vision for the future.
It certainly seems like that may well already be underway - more movies with Meghan, please!
Meghan' latest Disney role will result in a donation to Elephants Without Borders. (Getty / NBCU)
Duchess Meghan was best known for her role in Suits, where she played paralegal Rachel Zane.
The gig earned her global recognition, but the actress gave up her acting career when she married Prince Harry.
Now, it seems like Meghan may well have the best of both worlds as she and her husband carve out a new, modernised future together as less-senior members of the royal family.

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