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Justice reigns: Duchess Meghan granted an interim $800k and requests a front page apology after court victory against British tabloid

The Duchess of Sussex took Associated Newspapers to court over the publication of a private letter written to her father.

By Jess Pullar
In a fair and balanced world, justice must reign - and for Duchess Meghan, this rings gloriously true.
After taking Associated Newspapers (the publication company owning the Mail On Sunday and MailOnline) to court over the publication of private letters she wrote to her father, the royal has won - with as much as $800,000 in damages towards her legal costs, and a potential front page apology.
Yes, you could say justice will most definitely be served if the Duchess' wishes to receive a well placed apology on the newspaper's front do come to fruition.
It has also been requested that Associated Newspapers destroy all electronic copies or notes made about the letter, and to hand over any hard copies.
Meghan has requested a front page apology in damages following a milestone win against Associated Newspapers. (CBS)
At the hearing on Tuesday, which followed Meghan's big win against the publication in February, an Associated Newspapers application to appeal against the final ruling was dismissed by the judge, citing it has "no real prospect" of success.
Following the case, Meghan released a statement thanking her husband Prince Harry and her mother Doria Ragland for their support.
The statement explained she was "grateful to the courts for holding Associated Newspapers and The Mail on Sunday to account for their illegal and dehumanising practices".
Justice has been served. (TIME)
It comes at high time - Duchess Meghan and her husband are expecting their second child in the coming months, and a court case would no doubt have caused undue stress onto the 39-year-old royal.
So with that said, it goes to show the Duke and Duchess' bravery in standing up to the online scrutiny they're constantly faced with is truly worth it.
Now, they can focus on what's most important- raising their family.

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