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Duchess Meghan faces her most extreme backlash yet in the wake of her and Prince Harry's controversial decision


By Alex Lilly
Duchess Meghan's popularity has had more ups and downs than a rollercoaster since her marriage to Prince Harry.
But her approval rating seems to have hit an all time low following the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's decision to "step back" from royal duties, become financially independent and split their time between the UK and US.
Could this be a low point for Duchess Meghan's approval rating? (Getty)
"After many months of reflection and internal discussions, we have chosen to make a transition this year in starting to carve out a progressive new role within this institution," the couple wrote in their bombshell statement.
However, the decision has already been met with criticism with many commenting their outrage on the Sussexes' original post.
"Hand back the 20 million the British tax payer forked out for your wedding, then maybe fund your own security bills in Canada....just saying," one wrote.
"Working on financial independence at 35? Congrats. Welcome to adulthood," teased another.
Another penned, "Wasn't your choice to be a Prince, you had no choice Prince Harry when you born. You born in the Royal Family. Meghan had a choice, she chose to be a princess. She knew who she was getting married to. Why she want to change everything since she walked into the family?"
"Hand back the 20 million the British tax payer forked out for your wedding..." (Getty)
Others have compared Meghan to Wallis Simpson, the American wife of Edward VIII whose intended marriage led to a constitutional crisis that in turn led to Edward's abdication of the throne.
"Another Wallace Simpson. Shows Americans don't have the fortitude to be royal," one social media user remarked.
"Every time an American enters the family, someone abdicates," another wrote.
But devout royalists didn't stop there- the trending hashtag #Megxit has emerged, an obvious nod to the portmanteau Brexit.
Even respected royal site HELLO! has seen unprecedented negativity on their social media channels with many remarking how Meghan "got what she wanted."
"So she's achieved her goal and wrenched Harry away from the Royal Family. She'll get the trappings but not have to do the work. Cheers Meghan, have a great life," one HELLO! Instagram follower wrote.
"MM has ruined Harry and permanently put a rift between two brothers. What a nuisance he was to have introduced her into the Royal Family in the first place. But he could had escaped if she wasn't hunting in London for a rich British aristocrat and spent her second date with him in a tent in Africa," another penned.
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However it hasn't all been negative with many Sussex fans posting their support and congratulating on their decision and even remarking how Harry's late mother, Princess Diana, would be proud.
"UK media/haters tried to destroy this woman & their union. However, it only made them stronger! Cheers to them & their sweet baby boy! May they finally get the peace they so greatly desire," one person commented on the original post.
"To a decade of happiness for you both and your sweet baby boy," another wrote.