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Defiant Meghan Markle: 'I'm raising our baby in America!'

The duchess is demanding her husband and baby leave their British roots behind.

He's the people's prince, and nearly 12 months after Oprah Winfrey attended his wedding, Prince Harry is living up to his title with an Instagram announcement he's teamed up with the US TV queen for a documentary series about mental health.
The Duke of Sussex has strongly supported the cause after opening up about his own struggles following the tragic death of his mother Princess Diana in 1997.
The show, which has secretly been in the pipeline for months, is expected to debut on Apple next year.

US baby dreams

However, behind Prince Harry's heartfelt Hollywood initiative there's a hidden agenda, and it comes as no surprise it involves the 34-year-old's wife Meghan Markle.
According to palace insiders, the former actress, 37, was encouraging Harry to take on the US project with the underlying objective to steal him away from his homeland and fulfil her dream of raising their baby in the States!
"Meghan understands how important it is to Harry that his child is born in England, but she also wants her baby to grow up with roots in the US," reveals a royal source.
"She was the mastermind behind the TV deal between Oprah and Harry because she knows it's her ticket to moving back home. With commitments that come with the show, Meghan is convincing Harry to agree to at least six months stateside once the baby is born."
Meghan has big plans to live state-side with her family. (Image: Getty)
Having the opportunity to work with the 65-year-old TV legend – who is royalty in her own right – and spend time on home turf isn't the only reason the duchess is desperate to settle in the US.
Sources say she longs to be closer to her mother, yoga instructor Doria Ragland, 62, who still lives in LA.
"Meghan can't imagine raising a baby without her mother by her side. This has been her secret desire all along, and as usual it looks like she's getting her way," explains our insider.
"Meghan's sacrificed everything to join the royal family and now she wants Harry to experience her way of life."
"She also misses her friends and really wants those closest to her to be part of her baby's life."
WATCH: All the clues Meghan is running her own Instagram account. Post continues after the video...

Causing mayhem

Meghan's latest controversial plan will send the palace into meltdown once again.
It's no secret the defiant duchess – who's made a name for herself as a troublemaker in the royal fold – has already caused mayhem with her new in-laws for defying the regal way of life.
So much so the duchess has been accused of diva demands that have driven members of staff to quit as well as being responsible for a feud with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, which has torn William and Harry apart.
"There's no way the royal family would approve of a full-time move to America for the Sussexes, but if Harry has to reside in the States for the documentary, Meghan will seize the opportunity to make the US their second home," our insider reveals.
Meghan and Harry have several famous friends in the States. (Image: Getty)

Stuck in the middle

While Harry is in a vulnerable position – caught in the cross-fire between supporting Meghan's rebellious ideals and respecting his grandmother, the Queen, and the expectations that come with being a royal –he's looking at a temporary move overseas as a way of striking the right balance.
Meanwhile, it seems the couple's living arrangements aren't the only thing Meghan has taken control of.
Last week, eagle-eyed royal fans noticed a number of American turns of phrase and spellings in a post on her and Harry's Instagram page.
It's led royal watchers to conclude the duchess is writing all the couple's social media posts, rather than relying on a member of the royal media team.

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