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Meet the world's smallest guard at Windsor Castle

One adorable four-year-old boy just got his dream birthday present... And the world was gifted the sweetest viral video in return!

By Chloe Lal
Marshall Scott is the little boy from Slough in the UK who has captured the hearts of people worldwide.
The youngster was celebrating his birthday by dressing up in his pint-sized Coldstream Guards uniform, complete with red jacket and bearskin.
The birthday boy was waiting to watch the age-old tradition of the Changing of the Guard at Windsor Castle when utter magic unfolded.
Showing his cheeky personality, young Marshall took a chance and saluted the guardsmen as they walked past him.
But the sweet lad didn't expect to get a response... But Lance Corporal Paul Edden had other plans.
Returning out the door, the Queen's guard helped “make Marshall’s day."
Her Majesty would no doubt have found the video very sweet indeed.
Paul marched back out to see the youngster, where he saluted him and then posed for a quick snap.
The guard told the Standard UK, "It's not the usual thing to happen while on guard."
“Usually I would just take the guardsmen in the guardroom as normal - but my wife and I are expecting a baby boy, and I remembered standing at Edinburgh Castle when I was younger hoping to get a picture with a soldier."
“I noticed Marshall in a Coldstream guards uniform, and seeing him coming out made me proud of what I do.”
Marshall’s mother, Imogen, said Marshall was left “in absolute awe."
Watch the incredible video in the player at top! We warn you, side effects include unconditional smiling!

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