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Everything Lilibet Diana's natal chart reveals about her future destiny - and by the looks of it she will be a force of nature

Watch out world, Lilibet Diana's here!

By Faye Couros
Lilibet Diana entered the world on June 4 at 11:40 am, and the planets she was born under could be a force that outlines her life journey.
Of course, we all know her sun sign is Gemini, but to paint a complete picture, we decided to uncover her other major placements to predict who she may grow up to become.
Lilibet's sun is in Gemini, her moon is in Aries, and her ascendant (aka rising) is in Leo.
Make note that her mum, Meghan Markle's sun sign, is Leo.
Read on for details about what her placements may mean for the newborn.
A Gemini sun is full of tenacity. Getty
Sun sign: Gemini
The sun sign represents the sense of self and how one travels through the world.
Ah, the Gemini, she always gets heat from the other signs for being a little unpredictable.
Still, she's actually an incredibly bright and precocious person who is curious about everything (oh, and can talk for hours about anything).
According to Café Astrology, a solar Gemini is flexible and can "adapt quickly to new situations and generally gains them plenty of friends and social contacts.
"Usually quite clever and witty, Geminis enjoy intellectual conversations and they are easily bored if they are not getting enough mental stimulation."
Although Gemini likes to see the "light" in life, they also have a nervous energy that can make others uneasy.
Café Astrology suggests, "it's not always intuitive to trust Geminis to be loyal or to keep secrets."
Basically, according to her sun sign, she will be an intelligent, expressive person who can at times be bad at staying focused.
An Aries moon is chaotic. Getty
Moon sign: Aries
The moon sign represents one's inner world and emotions.
Arien moons are a passionate placement that don't like it when things do not go their way or require a level of patience to see through.
However, they are also straight shooters who cannot beat around the bush because they are too interested in their ever-changing desires to bother with manipulative games.
According to Café Astrology, an Arien moon "is easily bored with environments that are too peaceful," and that "their homes, especially their childhood homes, are often battlegrounds" because they want to "rule the roost."
Café Astrology also suggests one shouldn't leave an Aries moon with their credit card.
A moment of silence for Meghan and Harry in anticipation of Lilibet's teen years.
A Leo rising is born to be adored. Instagram
Ascendant: Leo
The Ascendant represents the way other people see you.
Leo ascendants are born to be stars because they have effervescent energy that people can't help but feel drawn to, like a moth to a flame.
There is charismatic and magnetic energy that Leo ascendants radiate, which can be attributed to their loud nature and appreciation for their looks.
Basically, a Leo ascendant thinks they are famous, even when they aren't, but in this case, Lilibet was born famous.
According to Café Astrology, "they have a natural flair for presentation, eye for quality, hard-to-resist warmth of style, and they want to make things happen, and create a stir."
Meghan Markle when she was pregnant with Lilibet Diana. (SBS)
Twitter Astrologers read Lilibett Diana's chart
Twitter astrologer Leah Whitehorse tweeted, "Jupiter on her DESC shows she will always have friends in high places."
Seemingly backing what we already know, Twitter astrologer NaomiCBennett tweeted, "Lilibet will be a strong Leo rising. She will be strong-willed with Mars oppose Pluto, but her Gemini sun is between two eclipses and square Neptune.
"Her thinking could be fuzzy and dreamy but a good expression in front of a camera."
There you have it, little Lilibet was born astrologically and literally a royal, and we can't wait for her big personality to grow.

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