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Lady Kitty Spencer's trip to Australia coincides with Harry and Meghan's, but they're here for very different reasons

The royals are flocking to the land down under!

By Jess Pullar
It looks as though the royals are swapping tea and jam scones for shrimp on the barbie - Lady Kitty Spencer is set to visit Australia this month at the same time as Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry.
And while there's no doubt the royals are close, with Spencer attending Harry and Meghan's nuptials back in May, their visits are for very different reasons.
Lady Kitty Spencer's visit to Australia will coincide with Harry and Meghan's.
Harry and Meghan will be visiting Sydney and Melbourne for the Invictus Games, while Princess Diana's niece will be in Perth for Channel 7's annual Telethon.
Lady Kitty announced her visit on Instagram, sharing a picture of herself with a toy cat along with the caption: "There's a new kitty in town! Fat Cat is the adorable mascot for @telethon7, the television fundraiser helping sick children across the globe. In October, I'll be joining him in Perth, Western Australia for this extraordinary 26-hour live television charity event."
The blonde royal announced on social media that she was heading to Australia. Image: Instagram / @kitty.spencer
Lady Kitty will be in Perth for the fundraising weekend from October 20 - 21.
She was chosen for the event because of her dedication towards helping young people, which goes hand in hand with the work her great aunt, Princess Diana did.
"[Lady Kitty] is coming to WA to continue the legacy of her great Aunt by helping raise money to change the lives of sick kids across our state," the Channel 7 Telethon website reads.
The 27-year-old will also host a tea party for the fundraising event, held at the Parmelia Hilton.
Kitty has proven her commitment to working with charities. She has also worked for Centrepoint, an organisation that supports the young homeless community.
The charity is also supported by Diana's sons William and Harry.
The young royal takes after her great aunt when it comes to charity work.
Lady Kitty Spencer shot into the global spotlight earlier this year after attending the wedding of Meghan and Harry, with many complimenting her green ensemble and revelling in her similarities to Diana.
The royal has spoken about the late Princess previously, telling Vanity Fair: "I was so young [when Diana was alive]. There are only a few memories, but special memories and happy memories, and I'm so lucky to have those."
Lady Kitty's floral green outfit at Harry and Meghan's wedding was a head turner.
The young royal's father is Princess Diana's brother Charles Spencer. She was born in the United Kingdom but grew up in South Africa with her two sisters and brother following her parents' divorce.
Her upbringing overseas meant she kept out of the limelight - until she moved to London, that is.
"Now, I love being in London and it makes sense to be here, and it's a really exciting place to be in your 20s. South Africa's such an amazing place to grow up and have a childhood but, right now, I ... really wanted a big city," she said.
Along with a successful modelling career, Kitty also attended both the University of Cape Town and Regent's University London, where she received a master's degree in luxury-brand management.
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This month's visit won't be the first time Lady Kitty has visited Australia. She attended the Melbourne Cup back in 2015, stunning onlookers in an Alex Perry dress.
Lady Kitty made a strong impression in a white Alex Perry dress at the Melbourne Cup in 2015.
She didn't do things by halves either, arriving at the Victoria Racing Club in a helicopter.
"It's my first time in Australia," she told the Daily Mail at the time.
"It's absolutely incredible, I can't believe this whole thing is put together every year."
Fingers crossed she loves her next trip to Australia just as much!