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Duchess Catherine spotted at a local supermarket with the kids, revealing where they're currently holidaying

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are spending their school holidays in the best way possible.

By Jess Pullar
What do you think someone like the Duchess of Cambridge, AKA Kate Middleton would purchase when popping into a local supermarket?
Well, some unsuspecting people were lucky enough to see the feat take place, as its revealed the Duchess visited a Sainsbury's in the UK, and indirectly revealed exactly where she and her young family are spending the current school holidays.
As revealed on Instagram royal blogging account, @TeaTimeWithTheCambridges, Kate was spotted shopping at the local Sainsbury's in Norfolk, which confirms that the young family are spending the week at their second home away from Kensington Palace - Anmer Hall.
You can imagine how disconcerting it would be to see a person as widely followed and admired by the masses as Kate Middleton simply strolling down the chips and fizz aisle, but alas, the occurrence shouldn't be unexpected - she is a normal mum at the end of the day!
According to the blogging account, another mum spotted the Duchess, and said: "It was lovely to see her just being a normal mum shopping with her kids... I love how she just goes about her normal life, she is so down to earth".
Kate was spotted with the kids at a local supermarket in Norfolk on Thursday, October 24. (Getty)
According to HELLO! magazine, Kate works hard to maintain a normal life outside of her royal duties, often being spotted shopping for groceries at the local Waitrose in the Norfolk area as well.
The break away from London likely comes at a good time for the family, who have just had a month of big milestones.
Princess Charlotte officially started school at the beginning of September, a big move for the four-year-old who will no doubt be getting used to a new routine.
Luckily, big brother Prince George, six, is also at the school, Thomas's Battersea, to look out for his sister - and we're sure the pair are enjoying a well earned break away from London with their one-year-old brother Prince Louis.
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Meanwhile, Prince William and Duchess Catherine have also had a rather busy month - along with attending various engagements around London, the pair also travelled to Pakistan last week where they completed a five-day tour.
The whirlwind visit was a poignant one for the pair, and indeed the whole family given the last royal visit to the country was over ten years ago.
With that said, the success of the tour for the two was undeniable - both Kate and William were beaming as they stepped out at numerous engagements in the South Asian country, and of course, we were treated to a fashion spectacle from Kate.
Kate and Wills had a whirlwind tour of Pakistan earlier this month. (Getty)
So with this in mind, we can only hope the Duchess, along with her young children and Prince William have a restful and enjoyable break together.
We'll just be over here re-scrolling through Kate's heavenly Pakistan fashion lookbook!