The best twinning moments between Kate Middleton and the Queen

They always say dress for the job you want...

By OK! team
They say, you should always dress for the job you want and it's no secret that the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton, has her eye on the top prize.
While she was born a "commoner", Kate will one day be replacing Gan Gan in the top job – and it seems Queen Elizabeth II seems keen to ensure she is fully prepared for the role - in the way of fashion!
Now, we know the reigning monarch loves a bright colour, but have you ever noticed that the Duchess of Cambridge does too? Are these red, yellows, blues and greens setting her up for a life of hand shaking, bestowing titles and corgis?
There has been some discrepancy in the past about what Kate will actually be called.
And while Prince William's reign on the throne is still a while out, it appears that the royal mum-of-three will indeed be known as "Queen Catherine".
According to Hello!, Kate will take the prominent-sounding title as opposed to being known as 'Princess Consort'.
"The wife of the king is by tradition a queen," royal historian Marlene Koenig told the publication.
So as she will be known as "Queen", OK! takes a look back at all of Duchess Catherine's twinning moments with the reigning monarch!