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Why Prince William and Duchess Catherine's upcoming trip is an exciting royal first

The newly announced tour is an exciting step for the Cambridges for an interesting reason.

By Jess Pullar
In news that has delighted royal fans in Asia, it has been confirmed Prince William and Kate Middleton will tour Pakistan later this year.
The exciting news comes as a result of the UK's intention to strengthen ties with the South-Asian country - both of which share "historical links" according to the official press release from Kensington Palace.
The trip, which was initially rumoured to be happening earlier in June, was confirmed on Sunday, with the press release explaining: "Her Majesty The Queen visited Pakistan in 1961 and 1997, and The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall visited in 2006."
The insight into the previous royal visits has thus revealed something that makes William and Kate's trip ahead quite special - this will mark the first time a royal trip has taken place there in over a decade.
While royal tours are big operations in terms of security, the reasoning for such a long period of time between royal visits could have been to do with the safety situation on the ground in Pakistan.
However it has been reported the situation in the country has stabilised recently due to crackdowns on insurgents.
Kate and William will visit Pakistan later this year, a trip that marks a special royal milestone. (Getty)

What are the dates of William and Kate's tour of Pakistan?

While the Palace is yet to confirm the exact dates of the royal tour, it is understood it will occur later this year in the British autumn, according to the press release.
In June, it was also reported that the tour would occur within weeks of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's visit to South Africa, which is touted to take place in October.
Meghan and Harry will also be going on their own royal tour to Africa around the same time. (Getty)

Why are Kate and William going to Pakistan?

Kate and William's tour comes after the Duke of Cambridge's five-day visit to Israel, Jordan and other occupied Palestinian territories in 2018.
While the British Foreign Office has urged visitors to be careful with their travel in light of terrorist attacks and risk of kidnapping, there are signs that the threat is easing, and an opportunity for Britain to make the most of strengthening their ties with the country.
Indeed royal visits pose a fantastic opportunity for countries to strengthen their ties as international press and global attention turns towards the country in question as the royals partake in a number of formal events, many of which highlight the varying cultures there.
Further affirming their intention to better connect with the country, British Airways has just resumed their direct flights to Islamabad, which is the capital of Pakistan.
Kate and William are no strangers to a royal tour. (Getty)
In the official press release, the High Commissioner for Pakistan, Mohammad Nafees Zakaria shared the positive anticipation ahead of the tour: "The Government and the people of Pakistan warmly welcome the announcement of the Royal Visit by Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Pakistan this year."
"The upcoming Royal Visit is a reflection of the importance the United Kingdom attaches to its relations with Pakistan," he added.
"The two countries enjoy historical links which both sides wish to strengthen further." WATCH: Our 6 favourite moments from the New Zealand royal tour. Story continues after video...

What will Kate and William do in Pakistan?

While details around the couple's engagements are yet to be confirmed, we can definitely speculate on something that is likely to keep royal fans riveted throughout the whole duration of the tour.
Indeed the ever-stylish Kate Middleton is no doubt set to wear some stunning outfits from her enviable wardrobe.
As part of the country's culture, we can expect Kate will dress modestly, keeping her shoulders and legs covered. If the pair visit any mosques or certain holy places, she will also be required to cover her head.
The tour will also echo a similar trip undertaken by Princess Diana in 1997, which took place in 1997.
Indeed the people's princess made the trip over to Pakistan several times through her charity work - so it's even more special to see her son and his wife follow in her footsteps.
Princess Diana paid several visits to Pakistan over the years. (Getty)

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