British Royal Family

The intriguing reason behind Duchess Catherine & Prince William's unspoken name change on social media

Nothing is by accident where the royals are concerned.

By Jess Pullar
If there's one constant we can count on in our lives, it's that Duchess Catherine and Prince William will deliver the royal goods for us - be it through colourful public appearances, meaningful speeches or even a good old fashioned game of virtual bingo (yes, that actually happened).
So when news of an unexpected name change emerged this week, there was something about this subtle, discreet change that suggests a deeper meaning - and we're determined to get to the bottom of it.
Kate and William's Instagram, Twitter and all social media accounts have been known as @KensingtonRoyal, with the display name Kensington Palace for as long as we can remember.
Of course, this was the very Instagram account both Harry and Meghan were also aligned with before they split houses and launched their own account, Sussex Royal.
But this week, the display name took a slightly more personal route, and was changed simply to 'The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge'.
It doesn't seem like a big change in the scheme of things, but when you consider how strict and direct things are in the royal communications teams, we can't help but think there's more to it than meets the eye.
A small change makes a big difference when it comes to the royal family. (Kensington Royal)
If you cast your minds back to a few months ago (pre COVID-19 lockdown times), you'll recall it was business as usual for the royal family.
Rife were their public appearances, glitzy events and lengthy statements about their various patronages.
But as the pandemic hit, everything changed.
Suddenly, the royals were forced to adapt into a new norm (like the rest of us, of course), and instead of going into hiding in their various country homes as the world self-isolated, they took a different, rather serendipitous route.
By utilising social media, video calls and other forms of modern technology, we've never seen such a personal side to the royals.
Both Kate and Wills have mastered the humble art of the Zoom call, with near weekly clips from their country home being released for all to enjoy as they speak with various volunteers, workers and carers from all corners during the turbulent time.
Kate and Wills are video call pros these days. (Kensington Royal)
And as for their three young children, Prince George, six, Princess Charlotte, four and Prince Louis, two, the family have never been more relatable to the public, with adorable videos and sweet anecdotes being shared by the couple left, right and centre.
Which leads us to this week, and the much talked about name change.
It seems that in a world where we've never felt more connected to the royals, a personalised feel to the very account where they're sharing so much of their lives with the world makes complete sense.
WATCH: See the Cambridge family join in clapping for carers at their country home. Story continues...
The up-close and personal nature of the Cambridge's Instagram and Twitter accounts at present is an unexpected, albeit glorious addition to our news feeds as we navigate through such an unsettling period.
Seriously, what's not to love about seeing adorable Prince Louis glance at his older brother and sister to ensure they're also clapping along like his parents just told him to do behind the camera?
How can you not smile when you see the Duke and Duchess crash a surprise game of bingo with an unsuspecting care home via a video link, seeing tens of giant grins and belly laughs from the residents in need of the boost.
It's small things like this that have brought a welcome relief, a happy addition and even a little distraction from some of the harder stuff we're all dealing with - and that, in itself, warrants a personal touch.
We're looking forward to seeing what's to come from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's ever-evolving account.