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Duchess Catherine's yellow dress worn in a surprise video tribute to Australia has got everyone talking

A statement in buttercup yellow.

By Jess Pullar
Duchess Catherine rarely wears an item of clothing that hasn't been well thought out and considered - not least because of her legion of followers willing to duplicate, recreate and copy her every ensemble.
Oh yes, you'd be hard pressed to find an outfit of Kate's that doesn't have some kind of hidden meaning, subtle tribute, or even seem to be a near replica of another iconic royal outfit.
That said, with the Cambridge family under a strict lockdown in the UK at the moment, appearances featuring said meaningful outfits have been virtually non-existant.
Well, that was until the Duchess decided to take things into her own hands.
In an unexpected, yet stunning video featuring the royal mum-of-three and husband Prince William, the royals have paid a special tribute to Australia on Thank a First Responder Day.
The inaugural day clearly struck a chord with the royal pair, who dressed up in their Sunday best for the special video, where they both spoke their praises of those working on the frontline in the country.
William said: "Earlier this year, we witnessed thousands of firefighters, supported by the wider first responder community, as they worked tirelessly, risking their own lives, to protect Australian communities from the devastating wildfires... we were deeply moved by what we saw."
Duchess Catherine and Prince William paid tribute to frontline workers in Australia in a new video. (Kensington Royal)
Kate added her own words, telling them: "Sadly, you are now on the frontline of yet another emergency. The COVID-19 outbreak has brought first responders across Australia together again. Day in, day out, paramedics, police, firefighters and support staff work tirelessly to keep everybody safe, often risking not only their physical health, but also their mental wellbeing."
She simply added: "You should be immensely proud of everything you do, and we send our best wishes to you all and to your families."
Kate appeared to be wearing a very special dress for the video. (Kensington Royal)
The Aussie centric video is undoubtedly a special one for the country - the royals very rarely make such a direct address in this way - so their sentiment was certainly appreciated.
And of course, there was something else very special about the video - Kate's outfit.
Wearing a bright buttercup yellow dress, which is designed by Roksanda Ilincic, viewers were immediately struck with a sense of familiarity.
Oh yes, we've definitely seen this frock before - only, it was six years ago, and it was actually worn in Australia!
The Duke and Duchess subtly mirrored a trip they had to the very country the spoke of six years ago. (Kensington Royal)
Indeed, it appears the Duchess opted for the yellow and white design for a second time to honour the country - and if that's not quiet, albeit meaningful show of solidarity, we don't know what is.
Kate wore the fitted midi-length style, worth around AUD $1,600, while visiting Sydney in 2014, a stop-off on the couple's whirlwind tour of the country.
The Duchess looked just as radiant in the yellow dress back in 2014. (Getty)
Back in February, there were rumours the pair were in talks to return to Australia in the wake of the bushfire crisis.
They were set to tour some of the bushfire ravished towns, as well as connecting with some of the people who had been affected by the crisis.
Shortly after, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, so it's unsurprising that the trip has not yet come to fruition.
But that said, it's never off the cards. Perhaps when this turbulent period passes, we'll have another royal tour right on our doorstep.

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