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Is Kate Middleton hiding a secret pregnancy? Here are all the clues that have sparked rumours

The evidence is building up!

By Maddison Leach
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge appears to have gone AWOL.
It's been more than 60 days since she was last seen in public back in July and no new photos have been released of the usually busy royal in the weeks since.
Nothing seemed out of the ordinary when she attended the Euro Championship finals in July, but we haven't seen hide nor heard of Kate since.
Now the question on everyone's lips is – you guessed it – could she be pregnant?
Kate was last seen at a football match in July. (Getty)
Originally her absence was brushed off as innocuous, as the royals often take time off over the English summer.
But as Prince William has returned to public duties and his wife continues to avoid the public eye, rumours have begun to swirl.
Now people are claiming the Duchess could be pregnant with her and William's fourth child and is trying to keep the news secret.
But is there any truth to the speculation?
And what do we actually know about Kate's whereabouts?
Read on to see all the clues that Kate Middleton may be hiding a secret pregnancy.

When did Kate Middleton "disappear"?

The last time we saw Kate Middleton in public was on Sunday July 11 when she attended two headline sporting events.
The first outing was the UEFA Euro grand final soccer match between Italy and England with Prince William and Prince George and the second was later that same day, when she attended the Wimbledon men's singles championship match with her father Michael Middleton.
The Duchess hasn't been photographed out and about or spotted at any royal events since then, though William has.
One photo of her was shared to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Instagram page on August 6 to commemorate the 39-year-old's photography work of Holocaust survivors and their families being featured in an exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London, however the picture was snapped in January 2020.
No recent photos or videos of Kate have been shared to social media since her supposed disappearance from the public eye.

What do we know about Kate’s whereabouts?

Since her last outings in July, Kate's bounced around between a few locations that we know of.
First, she and William took their children to the Isles of Scilly for a summer holiday at the start of August.
The family then travelled to Balmoral, where they spent time with the Queen, according to multiple reports.
Most recently, William and Kate jetted to France with their children to attend the wedding of Kate's younger brother James Middleton and Alizée Thevenet.
No photos from the romantic ceremony have leaked, but Kate was widely reported to have attended with her family and several members of the Middleton clan.

Why do people think Kate Middleton is pregnant?

The Duchess of Cambridge is a busy royal and is never away from her work for long, which is why her sudden absence has raised so many questions.
Many people believe she could be pregnant with a fourth child and has steered clear of public engagements to avoid being photographed with a growing baby bump.
It's also worth noting that she has suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness, with all three of her pregnancies.
She was hospitalised during her pregnancy with George because of the illness and had to step down from royal duties during each of her pregnancies because of it.
If Kate's pregnant with a fourth child, it would make sense for her to prioritise her health and avoid public engagements while dealing with her morning sickness.
The duchess has suffered debilitating morning sickness with previous pregnancies. (Getty)

What has been said about Kate having more kids?

It has long been suggested that Kate and William hoped to have four children, just like the Queen and the late Prince Philip.
"There will be one more!" Princess Diana's former butler Paul Burrell told Now To Love in 2018.
"There'll be four, they want four and there'll be four babies for William and Kate. Just like The Queen," the former royal butler insisted.
More recently a source told Us Weekly that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were actively trying to have a fourth child.
"Having four children was always part of Kate's plan," a source told the outlet in February.
Could Kate be pregnant again? Only time will tell. (Getty)
"It took a while for Kate to convince William… He said that three children is more than enough."
"The thought of having four made him feel overwhelmed."
"But Kate's desires to have another child have inspired him, and at the end of the day, he loves and appreciates the secure family setting he never had growing up. Why not make it bigger?"
Though there's no clear confirmation from the palace just yet that Kate is pregnant, the clues are certainly building up and many royal watchers are waiting to see if the rumours will be proven true.

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