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Duchess Catherine has been leaving secret comments to fans on Instagram - and she's revealed her nickname in the process

The royal mum shared some personal words for a reason close to her heart.

By Jess Pullar
Duchess Catherine has shared her own, personalised words with fans amid the COVID-19 pandemic - and it's revealed more about the Duchess than even she might have guessed.
After launching her unique initiative, Hold Still, in May, the royal (a keen photographer) has been inviting people to share their own images from lockdown in order to capture a moment in time.
Select pictures will go on display in a virtual exhibition via the National Portrait Gallery - and with more than 7,500 entered in the first week alone, it seems the Duchess has been overwhelmed by the response (in a good way!)
As entries flood the likes of Instagram and Twitter, with Kensington Palace referenced in the captions of the personalised posts, it seems Catherine herself has enjoyed seeing what kinds of images people have come up with.
So much so, that she's even used the Palace's official account to reply to some fans, writing words of encouragement and admiration in the comments section.
In one image showing a subject tending to their garden, the Duchess appeared to write a very personal note (by royal standards, at least), saying: "Thank you so much for taking part in the Hold Still project. I get so much joy from being outside and gardening too. C."
Oh yes, and she did perhaps accidentally reveal her nickname - a simple 'C' is very quaint!
Duchess Catherine has thrilled fans with personal comments on Instagram. (Kensington Royal)
According to a report by HELLO!, the Duchess also left comments on several more images, including one of a health care worker.
"Thank you so much for sharing your story and for all the amazing work you continue to do at this difficult time. C," she shared.
And on another image showing a small child with a flower, she wrote:"A perfect example of Hold Still… the chance to re-engage and value the simple things around us. C."
The formidable Duchess is a natural when it comes to connecting with her fans. (Getty)
The new project comes in line with the Duchess' ramped up role within the family, where she has been taking part in various projects and appearances to showcase organisations and charities working towards the greater good.
In May, she was seen in several video calls promoting the work of healthcare workers, nurses and even appeared in a celebrity-filled campaign aimed at helping people struggling with mental health.
This informal and personal video call approach has certainly shown us another side to the royal, especially given she is now operating like many of us in having to adapt to working from home.
WATCH: Duchess Catherine speaks about her lockdown photography project on This Morning. Story continues...
As for what's next for the royal - only time will tell as she continues to grow and cement herself as a prominent member of the elite British fold.
In the meantime, she continues to raise her three gorgeous young children who will no doubt be itching to get back out and about themselves amid the pandemic.
Watch this space...

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