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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge shows her maternal side in touching new video

See the delightful moments she shared with children.

By Maddison Leach
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has been caught on camera sharing a delightful interaction with a little girl during her latest royal outing.
The royal mother-of-three met with local mothers and children at PACT (Parents and Communities Together) as part of her ongoing work around the early years.
There she spoke with volunteers, joined in on a cooking workshop and tapped into her maternal nature as she played around with the children.
Footage from the event showed the 40-year-old encouraging a little girl to take part in a food activity, only for the child to pop the food straight into her mouth.
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge met with local mothers and children at PACT (Parents and Communities Together). (Image: Getty)
"You're going to eat it? Should we cut it up first?" Catherine asked, pulling a look of exaggerated surprise.
She then turned to volunteers and joked: "It's so delicious, with all the food around I'm surprised any of it is still left on the table."
Later, the royal was filmed interacting with a little boy, pulling her mask down and pretending to drink from a toy cup he offered her while in his mother's arms.
Catherine has always been open with her affection for children – including her three with Prince William; Prince George, eight, Princess Charlotte, six, and Prince Louis, three.
This outing is just the latest in a series of engagements focused on children and their early years, as Catherine continues her decades-long work on the topic.
While at PACT, the duchess commended the staff on their courses that support expectant parents as well as their programs aimed at child development and play.
Opening up about her own experiences as a new mum, Catherine confessed she would have liked to have had access to a project like this when she was pregnant with eldest son George.
"As a new mum I would have liked that," she told volunteers. "I think I would have learned a lot. The importance of play!"
WATCH: Catherine joins Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall on an outing. Story continues after video.
"What's so fantastic is seeing the amazing work that's going on here. That support you're providing is amazing. The science backs it up."
Catherine dressed relatively casually for the event, donning black trousers and a matching sweater under a smart blazer.
It was a sharp contrast to the ensemble she chose for another recent appearance that was all about children; her TV guest spot on CBeebies Bedtime Stories.
The popular UK children's show sees notable personalities read bedtime stories for small children and is currently promoting its Mental Health Week.
Catherine dressed casually for her TV guest spot on CBeebies Bedtime Stories. (Image: Twitter)
Catherine, who is passionate about the importance of mental health, will guest star on the show to read The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark and chose a suitably relaxed outfit for the show.
A promotional photo from the TV episode shared yesterday showed the duchess sitting on a picnic rug in blue wash jeans and a soft knitted sweater, her hair worn loose.
In the photo she appears surrounded by soft toys and a camping-inspired backdrop, likely a nod to her own love of the outdoors.

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