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Duchess Catherine marks a royal first with a social media Q&A session - and her answers are brilliant

Kate the influencer.

By Jess Pullar
This year, we've watched as the royals have adapted to a new normal - one that the world has also followed along with them.
Things like Zoom call engagements, socially distanced events and phone calls have become something of an ordinary occurrence to the likes of Duchess Catherine, Prince William and even Queen Elizabeth.
But perhaps the most intriguing way The Firm has modernised this year is via Instagram - namely, making use of a feature usually reserved for so-called influencers - the humble Q&A.
Yep, over the weekend, a royal first was marked when Duchess Catherine sat down and answered questions from fans via the social media platform's Stories feature.
The Q&A stemmed from Kate's work on the 5 Big Questions survey, which looks at how children in their early years are faring in the UK, and what can be done to better their growth.
Kate opened up in a rare Q&A on Instagram over the weekend. (Kensington Royal)
As the Duchess shared insights (via a number of schmick videos filmed inside the royals' home), we've seen another side to Kate - one that we're enjoying seeing more and more of.
In an additional Q&A video, the royal answered a series of questions with some candid responses.
When one fan asked her why she has such a keen interest in the early years, Kate replied: "I think people assume that because I am a parent, that's why I've taken an interest in the Early Years. I think this really is bigger than that.
"This isn't just about happy, healthy children. This is about the society I hope we could and can become."
The Duchess shared some extra insights into her early years research. (Kensington Royal)
In another candid moment, Kate replied to a fan who asked how to manage toddler tantrums.
"Yes, that's a hard one. I'd also like to ask the experts myself!" She comically said.

Sure as day, the video cut to one of the experts, Alice Haynes who is Deputy Head of Early Years Programme.
She told the camera, "As a mum of a two-year-old, tantrums are something I'm very familiar with. When my son has a tantrum, I try to put into words how I think he might be feeling, in a slow, and calm and gentle way."
Kate was also asked about her own childhood. (Kensington Royal)
Kate was also questioned on her own childhood, with a fan asking what she liked most about it.
"That's a very good question. loved spending time outside and that has stuck with me for my whole life."
There's certainly no denying that - the Duchess is known for her green-fingered prowess, even going so far as to design and bring to life a whole garden for the iconic Chelsea Flower Show in 2019.
And now she's proved she's a natural at Instagram Q&A's as well, perhaps she can add 'Influencer' beneath 'Pro-Gardener' to the resume...

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