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Duchess Catherine has hired an important new female staff member in her inner royal circle - and she's well up for the job

The Duchess of Cambridge has a new right-hand-woman - and she's ready for business.

By Jess Pullar
Duchess Catherine has hired an important new staff member to take on a challenging, yet very rewarding role within the royal's inner circle.
Hannah Cockburn-Logie, who is not unknown to the royals, has taken on the job of being Kate's right-hand woman as her private secretary - a job that isn't a walk in the park, might we add.
Hannah's new royal role was noted by eagle-eyed royal watchers, who noticed her LinkedIn was updated with the regal job title, adding that she had started the role in June 2020.
As part of her official role, Hannah will help the Duchess plan her engagements, as well as attend some with her - or at least she will after the lockdown in the UK has been lifted.
The Duchess has hired a new right-hand-woman to tackle her event-filled diary with her. (Kensington Royal)
The job had previously remained unfilled for six months after Kate's former secretary, Catherine Quinn, departed her role after two years.
Before Quinn, Kate and Wills enjoyed the clearly admired work of Rebecca Priestly, who held the role for more than 10 years.
But it looks as though Hannah is well up for the job - her LinkedIn certainly suggests as much.
Kate worked with Catherine Quinn for two years before she departed at the end of 2019. (Getty)
As mentioned, the new royal wing-woman is already familiar to William and Kate - she travelled with them to India and Bhutan during their seven day tour in April 2016.
Obviously, they were impressed with her work - goes to show that putting in the ground work can definitely pay off in the long run!
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In December 2018, Hannah was given an OBE, and has worked for a number of years in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London.
She also had a four year stint in India working for the British High Commission there.
With a LinkedIn profile like that, we're not surprised she's snagged this role of a lifetime.
Hannah Cockburn-Logie is well up for the task of working closely with the prominent royal family member. (LinkedIn)
While the UK remains in a state of partial lock down at present, the Duchess has yet to attend any official royal events in-person with her new staff member.
But it likely won't be long until she does - reports have swirled for a few days now claiming that plans are being put in place for the royal to attend an event in person, provided it follows all of the correct and safe social distancing measures.
Until then, the Duchess will likely continue her winning streak of video calls to various patronages, organisations and charities, which have gone down a treat since the beginning of lockdown.
Kate has made a flurry of video calls to a plethora of special recipients, shining a light on some of the incredible charitable work going on in the UK, as well as providing us a hopeful glimpse of her summer wardrobe.
We're excited to see what Kate and Hannah bring to the table next!

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