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Duchess Catherine's mysterious handbag swap at the Euros this week just gave us a golden insight into her life

The Duchess of Cambridge jumped from one event to the next on Sunday.

By Jess Pullar
Duchess Catherine had a jam-packed weekend of sport, but boy did she come prepared.
On Saturday, July 10 she attended the Wimbledon Women's Finals. The following day, she was back and at 'em attending the mens finals, as well as jumping ship to Wembley Stadium on Sunday evening to watch the Euro 2020 finale.
We all know what came next - England lost after a gruelling overtime and penalty shoot out.
And while many in the country spent the rest of the evening in a state of deep sadness and despair, a couple of fans noticed something mysterious happen with Kate Middleton's hangbag.
At the match, she was seen holding a mini red bag by Mulberry - a super chic accessory to match her bright red earrings.
Kate attended the game with son Prince George and husband Prince William - spot her chic red Mulberry bag. (Getty)
With a little less enthusiasm than when they arrived at Wembley, Kate left the stadium with husband William and son Prince George via car.
The family were pictured at the time (you can view the snap obtained by HELLO! here), but curiously, Kate had a completely different bag on her lap.
Kate, Wills and George were later pictured in a car leaving the stadium. (Getty)
Indeed, looking closely at the picture, you'd notice that the Duchess is holding a Longchamp tote style bag.
It would certainly make sense that she had to bring two bags to the days events - she jumped from the Wimbledon Mens Final to Wembley stadium within what seemed like moments.
Not only that, but she wore two completely different outfits. True Princess magic going on right here.
According to our calculations (and Google Maps), the drive from Wimbledon to Wembley Stadiuam takes 40 minutes across London. If she stopped off at Kensington Palace to change outfits in the comfort of home between that, you're looking at a one hour round trip, which we think was an unlikely route for the Duchess to take.
Time is precious, especially when there's football to be watched.
Kate wore a completely different (and just as perfect) outfit mere hours before the Wembley Stadium final. (Getty)
So there you have it. Kate shows off her niftiness by carrying two bags, both designer, so a little less relatable / achievable if any of us fans tried to copy cat the efficient Duchess.
If we were to take a wild guess, we'd say her spare Longchamp tote included her favourite lip balm, a hair brush and a couple of plasters, because she's always on brand.
You can never be too prepared...

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