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Duchess Catherine, global fashion icon, spotted shopping for clothes in a very unexpected store

The Duchess was perusing the sections with her young children.

By Jess Pullar
The total cost of Duchess Catherine's incredible royal wardrobe is certainly eye-watering.
But even a royal who has an entire collection of couture at her fingertips still loves a bargain buy like the rest of us, as she's proven with her latest shopping venture.
Over the weekend, the 38-year-old was spotted out in British supermarket Sainsbury's, where she was reportedly perusing the aisles of the clothing section alongside her three young children.
According to a new report from HELLO!, the Duchess was spotted by doll maker Kate Carter, who founded Ugly Ducking Creations at the Kings Lynn Sainsbury's, near the Cambridge family home in Norfolk.
"She was with the children, and she looked lovely. She is absolutely beautiful, and the children were beautiful. They were so well behaved," the woman told the publication.
Kate visited a local Sainsbury's near the family's country home, Anmer Hall. (Getty)
The ecstatic royal fan said she was able to identify the royals because Charlotte was wearing the very same jacket she wore to the Sandringham Christmas service back in December 2019.
"Then I saw Kate, who had Louis in her arms and I thought 'Am I the only one seeing this?' I couldn't believe it was happening," Carter mused.
Apparently, when the doll maker spotted them, Kate and Charlotte were looking at some of the clothes on the racks - dresses to be exact.
"Charlotte was looking at the dresses, she was dead cute," Kate said.
On-brand as ever, Charlotte was looking at dresses when the royal family were spotted. (BBC)
The eagle-eyed royal spotter is no stranger to the royals.
Her friend also saw the family back at Christmas, having snapped a host of gorgeous images of Charlotte while the Cambridges did their traditional walkabout with watchers after the service.
The friend also presented Charlotte with one of Kate's own doll creations during the event.

And this certainly isn't the first time Kate's been spotted with her kids casually at a local supermarket.
In March, she was spotted by Karen Anvil, who said she "almost died" when she realised it was the royal and her children.
The woman at the Sainsbury's in question also added: "I can assure you it was #TheDuchessofCambridge, I spoke with her security."
Keeping some things sacred, the woman was unable to take photos, though that didn't stop her from explaining every detail from the encounter.
"They asked me not to take photos. I almost died... I understand your scepticism but I promise you it happened. Xx," she wrote on Twitter.
Sightings of the royals are few and far between. (Getty)
Back in October last year, Kate indulged in a feat many parents also related to - Halloween shopping.
According to another eagle eyed shopper, the Duchess was seen shopping the aisles of Sainsbury's, again in Norfolk, with her kids.
"It was lovely to see her just being a normal mum shopping with her kids... I love how she just goes about her normal life, she is so down to earth".
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The Cambridges have been self-isolating at their country home over the last five months, with only sparing trips away as restrictions have eased in the UK.
George and Charlotte's school holidays will soon be coming to a close, though it seems likely they'll return to school via online learning.

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