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"Get my wife out of here!": Prince William's hilarious reaction to Kate Middleton's "broody" moment

It looks like the duchess wants another bub!

By Maddison Leach
Kate Middleton was in full mum mode on Wednesdy when an outing in Scotland led her and Prince William to a local primary school.
There, the royal couple met with school children, parents and one adorable baby boy named Saul who was part of a cute exercise.
The "tiny teacher" was there to help the students understand empathy and Kate was absolutely smitten.
The duchess joined in with the kids' activities. (Image: Getty)
Photos from the event show her cuddled up to the bub, who didn't seem too impressed at being held by a future Queen Consort.
Meanwhile, clips showed the 40-year-old chatting happily with Saul's mum - likely trading tips from when her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were infants.
But William was a little worried about how eagerly Kate was cooing over the bub, especially with rumours she wants more kids.
"Can you get my wife out of here before she gets broody?" he joked to the parents and staff.

It's not the first time he's noted how lively his wife is around small children, something the duchess has opened up about herself.
"It makes me very broody," she told onlookers in Denmark in February.
"William always worries about me meeting under one year olds. I come home saying, 'Let's have another one.' "
She certainly has a way with children; photos from their visit on Wednesday showed her crouching down to chat with children on their level.
She crouched down to chat with a few little girls. (Image: Getty)
Then mucked around with a toddler in a tutu. (Image: Getty)
Other snaps caught her joining in with activities with the primary children and goosing around with a tiny girl in a pink tutu.
So can we expect her and William to welcome a fourth little Cambridge in the coming years?
The couple had George and Charlotte two years apart, then waited three years to have Louis - now it's been four years since his arrival, so if they stay on trend we could see another baby.
But it sounds like William is more than happy with just three children, so we won't get our hopes up just yet.