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Flirting techniques, secret jobs and everything about the kids: All the glorious insights Kate and William dropped on their TV Christmas special

The Cambridges have a lot of updates to share.

By Jess Pullar
Kate Middleton and Prince William have officially made our Christmas dreams come true by featuring in a festive television special with famed British cook Mary Berry.
In a glorious move, the royals joined forces with the Bake Off queen for A Very Berry Christmas, which aired in the UK overnight.
During the show, the royals had a roulade bake-off, and while the head-to-head battle was glorious enough to witness in its own right, it was what the pair had to say (as opposed to what they baked) that really got us listening up.
Duchess Catherine and Prince William's TV Christmas special has taken the world by storm. (Kensington Royal / BBC)
The pair had a number of poignant moments during the TV special. Along with the bake off, Wills and Kate were filmed at various engagements they attended as part of their patronages this year.
In one clip, Kate is seen with Berry as they attended the RHS Garden Wisley back in September.
In another, Wills joined the 84-year-old to the UK's largest resource centre for homeless and insecurely housed people, named Passage Charity.
Mary Berry has teamed up with the royals for a festive feel-good reason. (Getty)
As the show aired, viewers were treated to several insights into the royal's lives - and they had plenty to say about their three children.
So with that being said, we decided to round up every brilliant detail they let on during the show. Keep scrolling for Cambridge updates galore!

What Prince George has asked Santa for this Christmas

Wills confirmed that Prince George, six, has indeed finished writing his carefully penned letter to Santa.
During the special, the proud dad explained: "George has already written his list for Father Christmas."
He added: "He loves his drawing – he's a very good drawer. We might get him something for drawing. Or football. He is loving his football as well."
Sounds like the future King is quite the creative!
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Prince Louis' favourite vegetable

One-year-old Prince Louis is defying the norm for young children the world over - it seems he's a big fan of vegetables!
During the Christmas special, Kate told Berry that Louis "absolutely loves beetroot."
Because of this, Mary even made a beetroot chocolate cake during the show.
"I want to create a recipe with the young prince in mind," Berry told the cameras.
Hope Louis got a sizeable slice of the baking queen's creation!
Prince Louis is reportedly a big fan of beetroot! (Getty)

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are curious about those less fortunate

While Wills and Kate helped Berry to organise a Christmas party held for those involved in their charitable organisations, Wills shared a beautiful anecdote about his two eldest children.
Explaining that when he does the school run, George and four-year-old Charlotte notice homeless people on the street, and they ask their father about them.
"Whenever we see someone who is sleeping rough on the street I talk about it and I point it out and I explain," William said.
The Prince added that his children are "very interested".
"They are like: 'Why can't they go home?'" he explained.
The 37-year-old also spoke about how his late mother Princess Diana had made him aware of those less fortunate.
He referenced his first visit to The Passage during the show, which was when he was aged between eight and ten -years-old.
"It had a profound impact on me," he said.

Kate reveals the dish William would cook to "impress" her at University

In a lighter anecdote, Kate shared a golden nugget of information that any suitor might take heed from.
Speaking about how William sometimes cooks for the family at their home, the Duchess added: "He's very good at breakfast. In our university days he used to cook all sorts of meals. I think that's when he was trying to impress me!"
We'd be pretty chuffed with some avo toast and freshly ground coffee too, to be fair...
Turns out Wills can serve up a good brunch. (BBC)

Kate reveals her first day job - as a waitress!

There's no denying the Duchess of Cambridge has a very high profile these days, but she hasn't always had a job in the limelight.
On the show, Kate revealed she did a bit of waitressing during her university days.
The insight came as Kate attempted to shake up a cranberry, lime juice and bitter lemon mocktail.
"This is when you make sure you put the lid on. I did this with a spinach soup once and forgot to put the lid on it, and we ended up with spinach soup on the ceiling," the Duchess quipped.
Mary asked if Kate was any good as a waitress, to which the Duchess jovially replied: "No, I was terrible."
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