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Devastating news for James Middleton as he calls off his wedding due to the Coronavirus pandemic

The Duchess of Cambridge's younger brother was set to marry fiancée Alizee Thevenet.

By Jess Pullar
Duchess Catherine's younger brother James Middleton has been forced to cancel his wedding plans with fiancée Alizee Thevenet amid the COVID-19 outbreak.
The 32-year-old, who became engaged to Alizee last November, has taken a pragmatic approach to the nuptials, a decision that undoubtedly would have been incredibly difficult to make.
According to the Daily Mail's Richard Eden, the pair decided hosting a wedding at this time was just "not practical" given the current climate.
In his column Eden Confidential, the writer explained the pair would "revisit their wedding date" once things had settled down again and "all their guests are able and happy to attend."
James Middleton and finacee Alizee Thevenet have been forced to cancel their wedding for the time being amid the COVID-19 pandemic. (Instagram)
While the news is no doubt heartbreaking for the pair, who have previously spoken about how excited they are to plan their wedding, it's important and encouraging to see them set a pragmatic example to many others about taking the current circumstances seriously.
Last year, the Duchess' younger brother told Vanity Fair Spain: "We are in the phase before we start planning everything, just enjoying the process."
With the couple likely being in self-isolation at present, they'll have plenty of time to plan their nuptials for a time when things are a little more settled.
The pair will reschedule their wedding once things have settled down, according to a new report. (Instagram)
The Middleton brother has himself revealed that he is currently isolating, sharing a refreshing update on his Instagram account on Friday.
Posting an image of his four adorable dogs sitting comically around a dinner table with napkins in tow, James wrote: "Socialising while social distancing 🍷🍝🐾 Who wants to join? #bestdinnerpartyever."
Fans were quick to react to the humorous image, with one writing: "Never have I ever seen a better table set. And never have I ever seen better company."
Another mused, "Your pet friends behave better than many children I know !! 👍🏼"

James and his French partner met in 2018 after a chance encounter with the Middleton family's pet dogs.
Sitting in a South Kensington venue, Alizee reportedly approached one of James' furry friends, Ella, and the rest, as they say, was history.
While their decision to delay their wedding would have been tough to make, we're sure the pair's eventual celebration will be all the more glorious when the world comes out the other side of the pandemic.
Stay tuned...
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