British Royal Family

Is this Australia's biggest Royal fan?

Jo Green has set up her royal-watching station outside Government House in Melbourne

Certainly no-one would dare question Melburnite, Jo Green's dedication to the royal cause.
The 70-year-old and her trusty of folding chair have been permanent fixtures at the gates of Government House the past three days as she waits to catch a glimpse of her regal idols, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.
"I was here, in the rain, at 11 o'clock on Monday night when they arrived, and I have been back here every day since," she told The Weekly.
Proudly brandishing a Queen Elizabeth cushion, the Melbourne pensioner said her patience had been rewarded with "a few waves from the Prince" as the royal couple have moved in and out of Government House, attending their various engagements in and around the city.
"I've been a huge fan of the Prince for as long as I can remember," Ms Green added.
"But I have never seen him look so relaxed and happy. They look like they are in love. It's wonderful to see."

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