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The fairytale ending to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's African adventure

Now that's how you sweep a lady off her feet.

By Chloe Lal
With Toto blaring through our heads, new reports have revealed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are wrapping up their three-week African holiday in the delightful Victoria Falls in Zambia.
The couple, who've been dating for a year, kicked off their getaway on August 4, Meghan's 36th birthday.
The Daily Mail shared that along with visiting one of the seven 'natural wonders' of the world, the loved up duo also went fly camping.
The couple have been dating for a year.
While pals told E! News that Megs and her Prince "traveled across the Kazungula border from Botswana and will be staying in Livingstone for a few days."
A source shared that the visit to Victoria Falls was a surprise orchestrated by the 32-year-old royal.
"VIPs love to take helicopter tours of the falls," a local source shared with The Mirror.
"It's one thing to experience them at ground level, but high up is where you really get to see how spectacular the view is and just how enormous it is."
A friend of the couple spilled to the publication, ""Harry knows exactly where to stay on a trip like this and he's also worked closely with a trusted tour guide who has helped with arrangements and organizing excursions."
"There may be some luxury but there will be a big element of daring stuff, too. They just want to get really close to the animals and the people."
The couple couldn't be more well-suited to one another, and avid royal fans are hoping Harry will follows his brother's suit by popping the question while they're on holiday.
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