British Royal Family

Her Majesty’s 1960 scone recipe

Sharing recipes between friends has been practised for centuries but it’s not very often your friend is the Queen of England.
A letter from Queen Elizabeth II to US President Dwight Eisenhower, sent in 1960, has revealed Her Majesty’s recipe for drop scones.
A new book, Letters Of Note by British author Shaun Usher, has published the Queen’s own recipe in a letter to the President after he and his wife Mamie visited the Royal at her residence in Balmoral.
“Dear Mr President, seeing a picture of you in today’s newspaper, standing in front of a barbecue grilling quail, reminded me that I had never sent you the recipe of the drop scones which I promised you at Balmoral. I hope you will find them successful,” the Queen wrote.
The Royal drop scone recipe
“Beat together 2 eggs, 4 tbsps of caster sugar and 1 tsp of milk,” she wrote.
“Add 4 tsps of plain flour, a second tsp of milk, two tsp of bicarbonate of soda and 3 tsps of cream of tartar.”
“Finally, you should fold in 2 tbsps of melted butter.”
The Queen’s handwritten letter is one of the 125 personal letters captured between inspiring historical figures and published in Letters of Note.
Other remarkable correspondence featured includes letters from Gandhi appealing to Nazi Hitler, Leonardo da Vinci’s job application, Virginia Woolf’s heart-wrenching suicide letter and the first noted use of the expression “OMG”, in a letter to Winston Churchill.

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