British Royal Family

How Kate outsmarted the paps AND the royal fans

Just how did Kate get by the police, press and paps without anyone realising?

The Duchess of Cambridge evaded waiting paparazzi photographers camped outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's hospital in Paddington, London, at 6am this morning with a carefully planned exercise of military precision.
As these pictures show, police made sure the photographers were stayed put covering other entrances to the hospital at 5.57am. Three minutes later, at 6am, a single silver Mercedes estate car pulled up unremarkably at a tucked away side door at the hospital, coincidentally called the Cambridge entrance and dropped her off.
The "Cambridge" entrance.
As the Duchess went into labour, Kensington Palace made the announcement of her arrival at hospital 39 minutes later, confirming she and Prince William had arrived at the hospital at 6am.
These three pictures show the Cambridge entrance she used (red arrow), the Lindo wing's main entrance (red cross) and police patrolling paps at the Mary Stamford entrance at the rear of the hospital where Kate entered the hospital at 5.45am in July 2013 when she was in labour with Prince George.
The final picture shows the scene at 7am, just 20 minutes after the announcement, when the building was surrounded by police.

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