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Ed Sheeran finally opens up about THAT night with Princess Beatrice

Yikes! The 25-year-old said his shirt was “covered in blood” after the alleged incident.

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
In November, Princess Beatrice of York, 28, made headlines after she accidentally slashed the face of musician Ed Sheeran, 25, during a mock knighting ceremony.
Ed sustained a cut near to his eye and had to be taken to hospital after he was sliced with a ceremonial blade at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, home to Bea’s dad Prince Andrew.
In case you missed it, the story goes that sometime during the party British crooner James Blunt, 42, was being fake-knighted by the Princess who accidentally swung the sword in the direction of Ed before clipping him deep enough that he required medical attention.
At the time, Ed remained silent on the details of the nasty altercation and has only now revealed exactly what went down.
In an interview with Absolute Radio, he said: "I got hit in the face and I was like, alright, okay, and then started carrying on and then I looked down at my shirt and it was just completely covered in blood.”
Ouch! The singer may have been well enough to perform at a London concert the next day but photos of the slash on his face can be seen in selfies with fans.
He continued, “And everyone was kind of gaping open-mouthed at me. What have I got a nosebleed or something? What’s happened?"
Sheeran also joked that the You’re Beautiful singer, James, is keen for him to tell everyone that it was in fact he who was the sword wielding culprit.
“James Blunt would like me to tell everyone that it was him and he was trying to reclaim his pop career by killing me,” he said.
While the Thinking out Loud hitmaker didn’t specifically mention the Princess’s name, a spy present at the time previously told The Sun that it was Bea who accidentally maimed Ed.
Not surprisingly, Princess Bea has remained tight lipped about the very un-royal incident.
According to several reports, Ed handled the whole thing very courteously and tried to show Bea he was fine by returning once he'd made his no doubt painful trip to the hospital.
Speaking with The Sun an unnamed source in attendance at the small get-together said, "A couple of the guests said it could have been worse and he could have been blinded in the eye but Ed really played it down.”
"Everyone was totally shocked and apparently Beatrice was very upset. But Ed was the perfect gentleman and told her it was just an accident."
The Royal Family are yet to comment on the awkward incident.

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