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Duchess Kate suffering extreme morning sickness again

Duchess Catherine has announced she is expecting her second child and, just like her first pregnancy, is once again suffering from the debilitating condition hyperemesis gravidarum.
The palace has confirmed she is being treated by doctors at Kensington Palace.
"As with her first pregnancy, The Duchess is suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Her Royal Highness will no longer accompany The Duke of Cambridge on their planned engagement in Oxford today," the statement said.
So what exactly is Hyperemesis gravidarum? Simply put, the condition is extreme morning sickness.
Symptoms can include prolonged and severe nausea, vomiting, dehydration, weight loss and low blood pressure. While the cause of the condition is unknown, studies suggest it is linked to hormonal changes.
The condition, which is thought to be hereditary, often results in such severe vomiting that women who suffer from the condition are unable to digest any food or liquid and require specialist treatment. In some cases this can include intravenous fluids given through a drip.
Unlike her first pregnancy with Prince George, Duchess Catherine has not yet been hospitalised and is instead being treated by doctors at Kensington Palace.
While the symptoms of this condition can be uncomfortable for an expectant mother, it is unlikely to affect the unborn child in any way.
While the majority of women only experience hyperemesis gravidarum during their first pregnancy, the Duchess of Cambridge is one of the few who experience the condition throughout their later pregnancies.
Duchess Catherine has not yet reached the crucial 12 weeks mark and was forced to announce her pregnancy early again, due to being unwell from the condition.
At this stage she is expected to attend the opening ceremony of his Invictus Games in London on Wednesday to support her brother-in-law Prince Harry, however her first solo tour to Malta is seriously in doubt. A decision on the trip, set to take place on September 21 and 22, will be made closer to the time.

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