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Duchess Kate is on Snapchat!

The tech-savvy Duchess made her Snapchat debut with Serena Williams.

The Duchess of Cambridge has made her Snapchat debut alongside tennis star Serena Williams!
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Williams met Kate and Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, straight after her win at the Wimbledon semi-final yesterday and filmed them all to send out to her Snapchat fans.
The Wimbledon champ said to the camera: “So I'm in the in-crowd now, I'm with royalty!”
She then panned the camera around to show Kate and Sophie, before they all laughed.
Sophie, Countess of Wessex, also appeared on the video
Could this ignite a love for Snapchat by the Duchess? Maybe she’ll start her own Snapchat channel with an inside look into the lives of the Royals!
Probably not, but we can dream anyway.
Kate isn’t the only member of the family to enjoy the tennis this year. Her parents Carol and Michael Middleton and her sister Pippa have all been watching Wimbledon.
VIDEO: See Kate make her Snapchat debut!

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