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Duchess Catherine to dust off her Tiara for a very special occasion

It’s a rare occurrence to see Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge in a tiara, but the future Queen of England may have to remember where she left it as her royal career starts to get serious!

By Blake Nadilo
According to British paper The Sunday Times, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been summoned by the Queen to help host a state banquet for the President of China and his wife.
President Xi Jinping and his wife Madame Peng Liyuan will be crashing at Buckingham Palace in October and Her Majesty will throw the pair a deliciously decadent state banquet.
Thanks to William’s diplomacy in the Asian country and his successful visit in March, The Queen has reportedly requested the assistance of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to welcome the world leader and his wife.
State Banquets at Buckingham Palace are a very glamorous affair, The Queen put on a stunning show for the Obamas when they visited in 2011.
And as any good royal-watcher will know, a state banquet means Crowns, Tiaras and stunning gowns!
Catherine has only been pictured wearing the decadent headwear on two occasions, and considering she has an epic amount of stunning trinkets to choose from we’ll be beside ourselves with excitement waiting to see which one she chooses.
Senior royal women are able to borrow the glamorous headpieces from The Queen’s stunning collection.
Catherine famously wore this breathtaking tiara on her wedding day in 2011.
This latest engagement for the mum-of-two is a sign of things to come as she seemingly starts to get very serious about her royal career.
According to the Daily Mail, Over the weekend Catherine decided at the last minute to opt out of attending good pal Bear Maclean and Daisy Dickson's wedding in South Devon, England.
A dateless Wills attended the event with Kate's younger sister Pippa instead.
This is just a string of personal engagements that the future Queen has cancelled, a telling sign that she is far more focused on raising her family and her career as a senior member of the royal family than her private endeavours.

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